Schedule Oct 20, 1998
Integral Equation Study of Linear Flexible Polyelectrolytes
Luc Belloni, I C.E.A. Saclay
The Polymer Reference Interaction Site Model (PRISM) with standard atomic PY or HNC closure equations is solved numerically for solutions of flexible linear polyelectrolytes. The wormlike form factor characterized by a persistence length is used for the intrachain correlations. The equilibrium and structural results obtained for a variety of parameters are interpreted in terms of the monomer-monomer interchain pair distribution function. Issues like the scattered intensity peak position and the osmotic pressure are adressed. In a first approach ("one-component model"), the monomers interact via a screened coulombic potential, the counterions and salt ions acting only implicitely through the screening constant. See J. Chem. Phys.109, 4659 (1998). In a second, more complete approach ("primitive model"), the monomers as well as the ions are taken explicitely into account and interact through the bare coulombic potentials. Addition of spherical colloids to polyelectrolyte solutions reveals complex depletion effects. Considering the case of two different monomer species along the same polymer chain allows to investigate block or sequential copolymers containing neutral, hydrophobic monomers and charged monomers.

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