Schedule Oct 15, 2010
Emerging Bosons with Three-Body Interactions from Spin-1 Atoms in Optical Lattices
Matteo Rizzi (MPI)

We propose to experimentally realize lattice systems of bosons interacting via an infinite three-body contact repulsion by means of a proper spin-1 lattice Hamiltonian. Spin degrees of freedom are locally mapped into occupation numbers of emerging bosons, in a fashion similar to spin-1/2 and hardcore bosons. Ultracold spin-1 atoms in a Mott Insulator with filling factor one offer the playground. Combining bichromatic spin-independent superlattices and Raman transitions, it is possible to engineer spin-hopping operators breaking the SU(2) symmetry, i.e. to induce a different hopping rate for each spin orientation as needed. Finally we show a couple of examples: a pairs quasi-condensate of bosons induced by correlated hopping and a spin changing fermionic model useful for lattice gauge theories.

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