Schedule Oct 15, 2010
Dynamics of One-dimensional Fermi Gases in an Optical Lattice
Päivi Törmä (Helsinki Tech.)

J. Kajala, F. Massel, P. Törmä

Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

We consider a one-dimensional two-component interacting Fermi gas in an optical lattice with an external potential, the Hamiltonian of the system is the Hubbard Hamiltonian with an external potential which can be spin-dependent. The ground state and time evolution are solved using the time-evolving block decimation algorithm (TEBD). We show the dynamics of colliding gases of different spins, and the dynamics of a minority spin in an expansion. [1]

[1] J. Kajala, F. Massel, and P. Törmä, in preparation.

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