Schedule Nov 06, 2009
Calculation of the Electrical Resistivity of Amorphous Metals: A New Approach
A.Z. Ziauddin Ahmed (Univ. of Dhaka)

Authors: G. M. Bhuiyan(a,b) Mohammad Abdur Rashid(b), and A. Z. Ziauddin Ahmed(b)

(a) Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Dhaka, Dhaka¬1000, Bangladesh
(b) Department of Physics, University of Dhaka, Dhaka¬1000, Bangladesh

An attempt has been made to develop a theory for the electrical resistivity for amorphous metals beyond the Ziman’s formalism. The starting point of the proposed theory is the Baym’s general formula for the electrical resistivity. The Baym’s theory is then extended within the quasi¬crystalline approximation to have two important terms describing the normal and Umklapp scattering. The present theory thus gives a better picture to understanding basic scattering processes which are very much involved in the real electronic transport mechanism. The proposed theory will also give better insight to understand resistivity of disordered systems like liquid metals in particular in the supercooled state.

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