Schedule Nov 02, 2004
B-Decay Spectra and Infrared Renormalons
Dr. Einan Gardi, Cambridge

I review perturbative and non-perturbative aspects of the QCD description of inclusive B-meson decay spectra, including the application of the Operator Product Expansion, the summation of perturbation theory, and the role of the quark distribution function. I discuss the relevance of operators composed of Wilson lines, and compare the analysis of inclusive B decay with that of deep inelastic structure functions.

The focus of the discussion is the calculation of B-decay spectra near the endpoint, which is experimentally most important, but theoretically most difficult as it requires the resummation of Sudakov logarithms as well as parametrically-large power corrections. I show that consistent treatment of these power corrections requires renormalon resummation in the Sudakov exponent (Dressed Gluon Exponentiation). An application of the method to the photon energy spectrum in radiative B decay leads to new results.

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