KITP Program: Open Quantum System Dynamics: Quantum Simulators and Simulations Far From Equilibrium
(Apr 1 - Jun 7, 2019)
Coordinators: Lincoln Carr, Andrew Daley, Sabrina Maniscalco, and Ulrich Schollw√∂ck
Scientific Advisors: Daniel Lidar, Ana Maria Rey, Ulrich Schneider, Monika Schleier-Smith, and Ray Simmonds

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Banuls, Mari Carmen (MPQ)2327 8-Apr-1917-May-19
Büchler, Hans Peter (Uni. Stuttgart)2307 1-Apr-19 7-Jun-19
Carr, Lincoln (Colo. Mines)2512 1-Apr-1910-May-19
Chiocchetta, Alessio (Univ. Cologne)2001-632122-Apr-1910-May-19
Chiofalo, Marilù (Univ. Pisa)250815-Apr-19 5-May-19
Daley, Andrew (Strathclyde)2512 1-Apr-19 7-Jun-19
De Vega, Ines (Univ. Munich)2327 8-Apr-1917-May-19
Diehl, Sebastian (Univ. Cologne)251018-Apr-1918-May-19
Fassihi, Mina (Colo. Mines)1115 1-Apr-1910-May-19
Fleischhauer, Michael (TU Kaiserslautern)2506 1-Apr-1917-May-19
García Pérez, Guille (Univ. Turku)2001-632111-Apr-19 3-May-19
Huelga, Susana (Ulm Univ.)230717-Apr-19 6-Jun-19
Hurst, Hilary (JQI)231321-Apr-1911-May-19
Link, Valentin (TU Dresden)111515-Apr-19 3-May-19
Maniscalco, Sabrina (Univ. Turku)231111-Apr-19 7-Jun-19
Modi, Kavan (Monash Univ.)250822-Apr-19 7-Jun-19
Paz, Juan (U. Buenos Aires)251022-Apr-1917-May-19
Plenio, Martin (Ulm Univ.)1506-635615-Apr-1910-May-19
Saenz, Alejandro (Humboldt Univ.)231330-Mar-19 4-May-19
Schollwoeck, Ulrich (Univ. Munich)232115-Apr-19 3-May-19
Strunz, Walter (TU Dresden)2504 1-Apr-19 3-May-19
Szymanska, Marzena (UCL)2506 8-Apr-1926-Apr-19
Verstraete, Frank (Univ. Vienna)232022-Apr-1931-May-19
Walsworth, Ronald (Harvard) 1-Apr-19 7-Jun-19
Zoller, Peter (Univ. Innsbruck)231115-Apr-19 3-May-19