Schedule Oct 02, 2007
Extragalactic Transients: From Novae to Supernovae
Lars Bildsten, KITP

Given the upcoming number of new transient surveys (PanSTarrs-1, Palomar Transient Factory, Radio), as well as continuous supernovae surveys, I have decided to run a seminar that will review the astrophysics of all types of transients with M_V brighter than -8 (this is a soft number, and is about 1e38 erg/sec). The scope will be a mix of physics of the light curves, events, and understanding of what is actually known already from different wavebands, and what is likely to be learned (and discovered) in upcoming surveys. Clear topics will be Novae, Supernovae, gravitational collapse, stellar mergers, odd transients (like the M_V=-14 transient seen 2 years before a SN), and Luminous Red Variables (ala the M85 transient). Other new ideas will certainly arise. . . I certainly hope so.

We will meet on TUESDAYS, from 130-330 in the Small Seminar Room of Kohn Hall on October 2, 16, 30, November 6, 20, and December 4 (we can add extra days on Nov. 27 and Dec 11 if needed)

This is a PARTICIPATORY seminar. My format is to first define the scope (which I think is clear from above), then make an outline, then allow people to volunteer to present the 2-3 best papers on the topic/science,

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