KITP Program: Towards an Integrative View of Adaptation: Bridging Population and Quantitative Genetics
(Jun 13 - Jul 15, 2022)
Coordinators: Alison Etheridge, Kavita Jain, Christian Schlötterer, and Naomi Wray

Speakers: Please contact us about file upload for your slides.

Time Speaker Title
7/14, 1:45pm All Participants Discussion[Protected][Video][CC]
7/14, 11:15am Naomi Wray
Univ. Queensland
Inferences from evolutionary constraint of base-pairs across mammals[Protected][Video][CC]
7/14, 9:30am Peter Visscher
Univ. Queensland
The genetics of human height: a model complex trait[Protected][Video][CC]
7/13, 11:15am Philipp Messer
Eco-evolutionary dynamics of engineered gene drives[Video][CC]
7/13, 9:30am Anna Langmueller
The role of selection in transposable element invasions[Video][CC]
7/12, 1:45pm All Participants Discussion[Protected][Video]
7/12, 11:15am Luis Miguel Chevin
Plasticity and adaptation across the genotype-phenotype map[Video]
7/12, 9:30am Robert Kofler
VU Wien
Silencing of transposable element invasions - a curious case of polygenic adaptation?[Video]
7/11, 11:15am Andreas Futschik
JKU Linz
Haplotype versus SNP based testing for selection[Video][CC]
7/11, 9:30am Fred Guillaume
Univ. Helsinki
Pleiotropy, its evolution and its effect on genetic correlations relative to linkage[Video][CC]
7/08, 11:15am Alex Klotz
Kinetoplast DNA: Quantitative genetics of fluctuating charged membranes[Video][CC]
7/08, 9:30am Mike Lynch
Arizona State
Insights into evolutionary forces in nature from patterns of spatial and temporal variation: the Daphnia pulex 5000 genomes project[Video][CC]
7/07, 1:45pm All Participants Discussion[Protected][Video][CC]
7/07, 11:15am Ben Good
Evolutionary dynamics of commensal gut bacteria within and across hosts[Slides][Video][CC]
7/07, 9:30am Peter Visscher
Univ. Queensland
Polygenic trait variation within and between human populations[Video][CC]
7/06, 11:15am Stephen Proulx
Evolution of Genetic Architecture following local adaptation[Video][CC]
7/06, 9:30am Reinhard Bürger
Univ. of Vienna
The effects of epistasis and linkage on the invasion of locally beneficial mutations[Video][CC]
7/05, 1:45pm All Participants Discussion[Protected][Video]
7/05, 11:15am Christian Schlötterer
VU Wien
Parallel and non-parallel adaptation in experimental evolution[Video][CC]
7/05, 9:30am Naomi Wray
Univ. Queensland
Using human GWAS data to explore evidence for selection[Slides][Video][CC]
7/01, 11:15am Henrique Teotonio
ENS Paris
Predicting short-term phenotypic evolution, part 2[Video][CC]
7/01, 9:30am Kavita Jain
Polygenic adaptation dynamics in large finite populations[Video][CC]
6/30, 1:45pm All Participants Round table discussion[Protected][Video][CC]
6/30, 11:15am Ben Haller
Modeling Population and Quantitative Genetics in SLiM[Slides][Video][CC]
6/30, 9:30am Swati Patel
Oregon State
Modeling eco-evolutionary dynamics and infectious diseases[Video][CC]
6/29, 11:15am Benjamin Woelfl
Univ. of Vienna
A theory of oligogenic adaptation of a quantitative trait
6/29, 9:30am Luis Miguel Chevin
Population and quantitative genetic consequences of adaptation to an optimum phenotype[Video][CC]
6/28, 1:45pm All Participants Round table discussion[Slides][Protected][Video]
6/28, 11:15am Peter Ralph
VU Wien
What's the effect of dispersal? How gene flow depends on ecology[Video]
6/28, 9:30am Katie Peichel
Uni. Bern
Genetic and genomic basis of repeated evolution[Slides][Video][CC]
6/27, 11:15am Tom Parée
Polygenic adaptation with different recombination rates in Caenorhabditis elegans[Slides][Video][CC]
6/27, 9:30am Samuel Yeaman
Univ. Calgary
Local vs. global adaptation and the importance of genotypic redundancy[Video][CC]
6/24, 2:00pm Mike Lynch
Arizona State
Drift, Mutation, and the Origins of Biological Scaling Relationships[Video]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
6/24, 11:15am Oscar Gaggiotti
St Andrews
Can deep learning help us detect polygenic adaptation from empirical data?[Video][CC]
6/24, 9:30am Alison Etheridge
The infinitesimal model[Video][CC]
6/23, 11:15am Christian Schlötterer
VU Wien
Using experimental evolution to understand pleiotropy[Video][CC]
6/23, 9:30am Henrique Teotonio
ENS Paris
Predicting short-term phenotypic evolution: Robertson's secondary theorem of natural selection, the infinitesimal model and selection at exemplar QTL[Video][CC]
6/22, 11:15am Dagny Runarsdottir
Institute of Population Genetics
The Influence of Pleiotropy on Polygenic Adaptation[Video][CC]
6/22, 9:30am Samuel Yeaman
Univ. Calgary
Understanding constraints in the genotype- phenotype-fitness map using comparative genomics[Video][CC]
6/21, 1:45pm All Participants Round table discussion[Protected][Video]
6/21, 11:15am Anthony Long
Dissecting Complex Traits Using Multi-parent Populations[Video][CC]
6/21, 9:30am Katie Peichel
Uni. Bern
Genetics of adaptation in stickleback: the roles of pleiotropy and linkage[Slides][Video][CC]
6/17, 11:15am All Participants General discussion to wrap up the week[Protected][Video]
6/17, 9:30am Jacqueline Sztepanacz
Univ. of Toronto
Evolutionary limits: disentangling the roles of pleiotropy and stabilising selection[Protected][Video]
6/16, 3:45pm Moderators: J. Sztepanacz, C. Schlötterer How to infer polygenic selection? Influence of linkage[Protected][Video]
6/16, 11:15am Julia Salzman
Stanford Medicine
Towards direct, reference free statistical inference for genetics and genomics[Video][CC]
6/16, 9:30am Daniel Weissman
Adaptation in space[Video]
6/15, 11:15am Sebastian Ramos Onsins
The effect of domestication on the genome. Attempting to detect the differential selective effects between wild and domestic populations[Video][CC]
6/15, 9:30am Angela Hancock
Molecular basis of adaptation in Arabidopsis thaliana[Video][CC]
6/14, 1:45pm Samuel Yeaman
Univ. Calgary
Discussion: How to assess parallel evolution and what does molecular parallelism tell us about adaptation/adaptive architectures?[Protected][Video]
6/14, 11:15am Daniel Fisher
Complex evolution in simple landscapes and simple evolution in complex landscapes
6/14, 9:30am Tongli Zhang
Towards an Integrative View of Systems Pharmacology: Bridging Mechanistic modeling and Machine learning[Embargoed]
6/13, 11:15am Tony Long
UoC Irvine
Using yeast synthetic populations to model evolutionary change[Video][CC]
6/13, 9:30am All Participants Introduction of participants and the program