KITP Art, Image and Science

An Initiative at the KITP

The purpose of this initiative goes beyond complementing a Michael Graves building with wellchosen art. Public interest in the interaction of image, art and science is growing rapidly, and represents an opportunity to attract a wide audience to explore the relationships between science and art, and to bring together active practitioners in both for exchange and public events. Interactions among art, image and science are manifested in a variety of forms. Examples include art with scientific themes (produced by scientists and non-scientists), exhibits touring national scientific centers (e.g. National Academy of Sciences, Chicago Academy of Sciences), and vibrant research imagery, such as pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope or microscopic images from other research. The relationship between art and science is fundamental. Art and imagery are relevant to the creative process in science and integral to the communication of science. For theoretical physics, images can be powerful expressions of elegant mathematical equations that are inaccessible to most people. Through this initiative the KITP is attracting a wide range of people to the institute to explore the interactions among art, image and science, and to communicate leading edge research to a broader public than might ordinarily be exposed to this work. In addition, this initiative creates opportunities for the KITP to collaborate with local art organizations and museums, strengthening the institute's community ties. It is our hope that through this initiative the KITP can provide a dynamic crucible where the nonscientist and scientist alike can experience and benefit from the vibrant relationships among art, image and science.

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