Schedule Oct 28, 2011
Asteroseismic modeling of two solar-type Kepler subgiants: KIC11395018 and KIC10920273
Gulnur Dogan (NCAR)

Authors: G. Dogan, T.S. Metcalfe, S. Deheuvels, M.P. Di Mauro, P. Eggenberger, M.J. Monteiro, I.M. Brandao, O. Creevey, and several other KASC Working Group-1 members

We performed asteroseismic modeling of two G-type subgiant stars using 8 months of Kepler data. The extraction of individual oscillation frequencies was carried out by the Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium (KASC) -- Working Group1, and the atmospheric constraints ([Fe/H], T_{eff} and log(g)) were determined through spectroscopic observations at Nordic Optical Telescope, La Palma, Spain. From a classical point of view, these two stars have very similar properties (almost the same effective temperature and surface gravity), however, thanks to asteroseismology we can determine their own global parameters and compare their predicted internal structures.

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