Schedule Oct 25, 2011
Internal Waves Interaction with (differential) Rotation and Magnetic Field in Single Stars or in Stars Hosting a Companion
Stéphane Mathis (CEA)

Internal waves propagate in stably stratified regions in stellar interiors. These are excited by penetrative convective flows at the borders with convective regions. Moreover, if there is a close stellar or planetary companion, waves are simultaneously excited by the tidal potential (this is the dynamical tide). Internal waves constitute one of the main important dynamical processes able to transport angular momentum and thus to modify the system evolution. Depending on their excitation frequency, their propagation, dissipation, and induced transport is modified by (differential) rotation and the potential magnetic field. In this talk, I will focus on the combined action of the Coriolis acceleration and the Lorentz force on internal waves. I will show how this leads to different vertical and latitudinal trapping phenomena. The consequences on the efficiency of the induced transport of angular momentum will then be discussed as a function of the star's angular velocity and of the magnetic field intensity. Finally, complete couplings with other transport processes will be presented.

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