Schedule Oct 25, 2011
From Sun to Stars: Macroscopic and Microscopic processes for solar-like stars
Sylvaine Turck-Chièze (SAp/IRFU/CEA)

Several physical processes must be added to the classical ones to improve the interpretation of the solar observations obtained with SoHO, SDO and PICARD. We show first results and comparisons with observations for rotation, mass loss, surface convection deduced from 3D simulations with and without sub surface magnetic field and turbulence. That last progress is interesting to go beyond the surface convection phenomenology such as the mixing length approximation or the full spectrum of turbulence. We shall also mention the radiative opacity theoretical and experimental studies and their consequences for stars of different metallicity. We deduce some hints for solar like stars observed with KEPLER or COROT and show our strategy to improve the absolute frequency predictions of Sun and solar like stars.

Related papers:
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