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String Theory: What's New?
Joe Polchinski

This is the Web transcript of a Blackboard Lunch seminar on September 29, 1997 at ITP. You can see the slides (as copied from Joe's blackboard) and hear the talk. It is a trial run for a project to make ITP conferences and seminars widely available via the Web.

To hear the audio, you must have a computer with sound hardware, and you must install RealAudio software: either RealPlayer 5.0, RealPlayer 4.0, or RealAudio 3.0. This audio technology is one among several that we are evaluating. The software is commercial, but is downloadable for free from RealNetworks.

To begin the talk, click on slide "01" below. When you are done with the first slide, click on [NEXT] or click on any slide below. The audio is supposed to start automatically a few seconds after entering a slide, but if you hear nothing, click the Audio link to start the RealAudio player.

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