KITP Program: Active Matter: Cytoskeleton, Cells, Tissues and Flocks
(Jan 6 - May 16, 2014)
Coordinators: Iain Couzin, M. Cristina Marchetti, Sriram Ramaswamy, Christoph Schmidt

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Field Theories of Living Fluids
Time Speaker Title
5/16, 11:00am Eric Dufresne
Informal presentation/discussion on droplet ``durotaxis''[Slides]
5/15, 2:00pm Janna Nawroth
Cilia-driven flow fields for transport and selective capture of bacteria[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
5/14, 10:30am Christoph Weber
Defect-mediated Phase Transitions in Active Soft Matter[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
5/13, 2:00pm Eric Dufresne
Frustrated Cell Sorting. Effects of confinement and kinetic arrest
5/12, 2:00pm Eva Kanso
Hydrodynamically-triggered transition from swirling to clustering in confined suspensions[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
5/12, 1:45pm All Participants Organizational matters & Introductions
5/09, 10:30am James Feng
Dorsal closure in the fruit fly: what controls cell oscillation and tissue contraction?[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
5/08, 2:00pm Jérémie Palacci
Out of Equilibriumness of Active Colloids[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
5/07, 10:30am Maria Kilfoil
UMass Amherst & KITP
Nonthermal fluctuations in the active cell nucleus[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
5/06, 2:00pm Zvonimir Dogic
Brandeis Univ.
Dynamics and rheology of active nematics[Slides][Podcast][Vid][Aud][Cam]
5/05, 2:00pm Philippe Marcq
Curie Inst. & KITP
Epithelial closure dynamics[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
5/05, 1:45pm All Participants Organizational matters & Introductions
05/05, 12:15pm Sriram Ramaswamy
Tata Institute & KITP
Field Theories of Living Fluids[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
5/02, 10:30am Tommy Angelini
Univ of Florida & KITP
The cell as a pump[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
5/01, 2:00pm Michael Hagan
Brandeis Univ. & KITP
Simulation studies of active matter: self-propelled spheres and extensile active nematics[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
4/30, 10:30am All Participants Brain storming session on open questions in active matter
4/29, 2:00pm Manu Prakash
Automotive Droplets: From puzzles to Synchronous Droplet Microfluidics
4/28, 2:00pm Pawel Romanczuk
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt & KITP
Emergent Smectic Patterns in Simple Self-Propelled Particle Models[Slides][Podcast][Vid][Aud][Cam]
4/28, 1:45pm All Participants Organizational matters & Introductions
4/25, 10:30am Tannie Liverpool
(Bristol) Leader
Discussion: Synchronization phenomena in active matter [Podcast][Aud][Cam]
4/24, 2:00pm Bulbul Chakraborty
Brandeis University & KITP
Shear-induced rigidity in athermal systems[Podcast]
4/23, 10:30am Nikta Fakhri
Goettingen & KITP
High resolution mapping of intracellular fluctuations using carbon nanotubes[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
4/22, 2:00pm All self-organized discussion group if desired
4/21, 2:00pm Suropriya Saha
Collective behaviour of catalytic colloids[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
4/21, 1:45pm All Participants TBA
4/18, 10:30am Anatoly Kolomeisky
Rice & KITP
Can We Use Simple Models to Understand Complex Phenomena in Cytoskeleton Proteins?[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
4/17, 2:00pm Len Sander
Univ. of Michigan & KITP
Cell motility and the mechanics of the extra-cellular matrix[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
4/16, 10:30am Alain Pumir
A tutorial on Two-dimensional turbulence[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
4/15, 2:00pm Jim Butler
Aerosol transport in lungs: kinematic irreversibility and nondiffusive mixing[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
4/14, 2:00pm Jim Butler
The use of apparent diffusion coefficients to assess the potential for lung regrowth in the adult human[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
4/14, 1:45pm All Participants Organizational matters & Introductions
4/11, 10:30am Tannie Liverpool
Univ. Bristol & KITP
Synchronization and liquid crystalline order in soft active matter[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
4/10, 2:00pm Fred MacKintosh
Vrije Univ. & KITP
Activity and marginal networks[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
4/09, 10:30am Megan Valentine
Using protein compliance and structure geometry to control stress transmission in biological materials[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
4/08, 2:00pm Chase Broedersz
Princeton & KITP
Organizing the bacterial chromosome for division[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
4/07, 2:00pm Dan Needleman
Harvard & KITP
Physical aspects of spindle assembly[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
4/07, 1:45pm All Participants Organizational matters & Introductions
4/03, 2:00pm All Participants Discussion led by Ramin Golestanian on: The role of internal phase as a dynamical variable in active matter[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
4/02, 10:30am Max Bi
Syracuse & KITP
Cell Migration in Densely Packed Tissues[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
4/01, 2:00pm Julia Yeomans
Oxford & KITP
Tracer diffusion in a dilute swimmer suspension[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/31, 2:00pm Eberhard Bodenschatz
Chemotaxis and cell migration: oscillatory behavior of the cytoskeleton[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/31, 1:45pm All Participants Organizational matters & Introductions
3/27, 2:00pm Enkeleida Lushi
Brown & KITP
The role of hydrodynamics in self-organisation of micro-swimmer suspensions[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/26, 10:30am Suzanne Fielding
Durham Univ. & KITP
Hydrodynamics, phase behaviour and rheology of active suspensions[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/25, 2:00pm Enzo Marinari
Univ. Roma & KITP
A Top-Down Approach to Metabolic Networks Functioning[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/24, 2:00pm Gleb Oshanin
Univ. P&M Curie & KITP
Active "microrheology" in confined crowded systems: sub-diffusion, super-diffusion and giant diffusion[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/24, 1:45pm All Participants Organizational matters & Introductions
3/21, 10:30am Ramin Golestanian
Univ. Oxford & KITP
Self-organization and Collective Behaviour of Active Colloids[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/20, 2:00pm Cristina Marchetti
Syracuse Univ. & KITP
Defect dynamics in active nematics[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/19, 2:00pm Marcus Müller
Univ. Göttingen & KITP
Correlation between surface topography and slippage[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/18, 2:00pm Jacques Prost
ESPCI/Inst. Curie & KITP
Cortex dynamics in cell division[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/17, 2:00pm John Toner
Univ. Oregon & KITP
Swarming in the dirt: Flocking in the presence of quenched disorder[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/13, 2:00pm Natsuhiko Yoshinaga
Tohoku Univ. & KITP
Spontaneous motion and deformation of a self-propelled droplet[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/13, 10:30am Mike Cates
Edinburgh Univ. & KITP
Active Model B[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/12, 10:30am Ayusman Sen
Penn State
Self-Powered Catalytic Nano-motors and Pumps[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/10, 10:30am Gerhard Gompper
FZ-Juelich & KITP
Collective Motion of Active Particles With and Without Hydrodynamics[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/07, 10:30am Hartmut Löwen
Univ. Düsseldorf
Self-propelled colloids: from single to collective behaviour[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/06, 2:00pm Holger Stark
Tech. Univ. Berlin & KITP
How hydrodynamics determines the collective motion of microswimmers[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/05, 11:00am Antonio DeSimone
Swimming and crawling at microscopic scales: some lessons from 1D model systems[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
3/04, 2:00pm Raymond Kapral
Univ. of Toronto
Self-Propelled Chemically-Powered Motors[Slides][Podcast][Vid][Aud][Cam]
3/03, 2:00pm Paul Rainey
Massey Univ. & KITP
Cooperation, conflict and the evolution of Darwinian individuality
3/03, 10:30am All Participants Organizational Meeting[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
2/28, 11:00am John Molina
Kyoto Univ. & KITP
Swimmer/Tracer Diffusion in Active Suspensions[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
2/27, 11:00am Ulrich Schwarz
Univ. Heidelberg & KITP
Pushing and pulling: the molecular basis for force generation in cells[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
2/26, 11:00am Geoff Willmott
Pores, Pipes and Particles: A Nanofluidic Toolbox[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
2/25, 2:00pm Eric Bertin
Kinetic theory and hydrodynamic equations for dry active matter[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
2/24, 10:30am Cristian Huepe
Cristian Huepe Labs & KITP
Elasticity-based mechanism for collective motion in natural and artificial swarms[Slides][Podcast][Vid][Aud][Cam]
2/20, 2:00pm Julien Tailleur
Univ. Paris & KITP
Statistical Physics of Active Particles: from effective temperature to motility-induced phase separation[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
2/18, 2:00pm Otger Campàs
Measuring physical forces within living embryonic tissues[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
2/10-14 Conference: Active Processes in Living and Nonliving Matter
2/07, 10:30am Gerard Wong
How bacteria transition from swimming to condensed, self-organized surface-associated communities[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
2/06, 2:00pm Peter Olmsted
Georgetown Univ. & KITP
An introduction to shear banding[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
2/05, 10:30am Fernando Peruani
Univ. Nice & KITP
Active particles in heterogeneous media[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
2/04, 2:00pm Robin Selinger
Kent State & KITP
From Topology to Morphology: When Defects Drive Shape Evolution in Soft Matter[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
2/03, 11:00am Hernan Garcia
How, when and where in pattern formation: Spying on embryonic development one molecule at a time[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
1/30, 2:00pm Gautam Menon
Chromosome positioning from activity-based segregation[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
1/29, 11:00am Thomas Waigh
University of Manchester
The statistics of particle tracking: a linchpin in countless biophysical experiments[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
1/29, 10:30am Annette Zippelius
University of Goettingen
Anomalous velocity distributions in active Brownian suspensions[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
1/28, 2:00pm Jonathan Selinger
Kent State University
Work in progress: Flow and phase separation of active spinners[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
1/27, 10:30am Paul Newton
Cancer metastasis modeling at the Scripps PS-OC[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
1/24, 10:30am Leonid Pismen
Technion & KITP
Spontaneous polarization and deformation of active layers[Slides][Podcast][Vid][Aud][Cam]
1/23, 2:00pm José Alvarado
Critically connected state of active gels[Slides][Podcast][Vid][Aud][Cam]
1/22, 10:30am Shiladitya Banerjee
James Franck Institute
Mechanics and geometry of adherent cells and cell layers[Slides][Podcast][Vid][Aud][Cam]
1/21, 2:45 Rastko Sknepnek
University of Dundee & KITP
What can GPU computing do for numerical simulations?[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
1/21, 2:00pm Cassandra Extavour
Harvard University & KITP
Experimentalist Seeks Collaborators for Examining Active Matter Phenomena in Insect Embryos[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
1/21, 10:30am Dhananjay Tambe
Harvard University & KITP
Monolayer Stress Microscopy[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
1/17, 2:00pm Silke Henkes
Univ. Aberdeen & KITP
Active jamming and active glasses[Slides][Podcast][Vid][Aud][Cam]
1/17, 10:30am Jure Dobnikar
Univ. Cambridge & KITP
Modeling bacterial surface motility[Slides][Podcast][Vid][Aud][Cam]
1/16, 10:30am Mehran Kardar
Fluctuation-induced forces in and out of equilibrium[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
1/15, 10:30am Aparna Baskaran
Brandeis University & KITP
Active Fluids: Lessons learnt from minimal models[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
1/14, 2:00pm Harald Pleiner
Informal Presentation
1/14, 10:30am Arshad Kudrolli
Clark University & KITP
Vibrated granular layers and bacterial suspensions: An experimental overview[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
1/13, 2:00pm All Participants Organizational Meeting
01/13, 12:15pm Cristina Marchetti
Syracuse Univ. & KITP
Active Matter: What is it?[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
1/09, 10:30am Helmut Schiessel
Leiden University & KITP
Breathing, sliding, proof reading: On how to access packed DNA[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
1/08, 10:30am Moumita Das
Rochester Inst. & KITP
Mechanics of composite cytoskeletal and extracellular networks[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
1/07, 2:00pm Christoph Schmidt
Univ. Goettingen & KITP
Active stirring of cells[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
1/06, 2:00 p.m. All Organizational Meeting[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
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