Schedule Nov 20, 2002
Sliding density-wave and spin dynamics in Sr_{14}Cu_{24}O_{41} ladders
Girsh Blumberg, Bell Labs
  • I will compare DC and AC transport properties in quasi-1D ladders and 2D cuprates.
  • as in 2D, Hubbard U governs the high energy physics in Sr14Cu24O41 ladders. => many cuprate properties (for example violation of the optical sum rules) are strongly emphasized for ladders.
  • there is an ongoing discussion about competing order parameters in the underdoped cuprates; for ladders we find that the low energy electrodynamics is governed by CDW with properties very similar to known CDW materials, however, these low energy properties in cuprate ladders are driven by "J-physics" [Science 297, 584 (2002)].

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