Schedule Nov 22, 2002
ARPES View of the Phase Diagram of the High Temperature Superconductors
Juan Campuzano, University of Illinois
The superconducting phase transition in the underdoped high temperature superconductors is rather unusual, in that it is not a mean-field transition as other superconducting transitions are.
Instead, it is observed that a pseudo-gap in the electronic excitation spectrum appears at temperatures T* higher than Tc, while phase coherence, and superconductivity, are established at Tc. One would then wish to understand if T* is just a crossover, controlled by fluctuations in order which will set in at the lower Tc, or whether some symmetry is spontaneously broken at T*. Using angle-resolved photoemission with circularly polarized light, we find that, in the pseudogap state, left-circularly polarized photons give a different photocurrent than right-circularly polarized photons, and therefore the state below T* is rather unusual, in that it breaks time reversal symmetry. On the other hand, in the overdoped region, we find evidence for a new crossover line in the phase diagram between a coherent metal phase for lower temperatures and higher doping, and an incoherent metal phase for higher temperatures and lower doping. The former is characterized by two well-defined spectral peaks in ARPES due to coherent bilayer splitting and superlinear behavior in the resistivity, whereas the latter is characterized by a single broad spectral feature in ARPES and a linear temperature dependence of the resistivity.

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