Schedule Jan 17, 2009
Chandra and HST Observations of the Globular Cluster NGC 6266
Gabriele Cocozza (Univ. Bologna)

In the high density cores of Globular Clusters (GC) dynamical interactions between cluster members are thought to be responsable of the formation of a large number of close binary systems. The overabundance of bright and quiescent LMXB, CV, MSP in GC respect to the Galactic field is easly explained by the dynamical processes occuring in such environment. Being the X-ray emission expected from a large number of close binary systems, GC also hosts a large number of faint X-Ray sources. NGC 6266 is a bright and massive GC, also characterized by a very high central density. In this work I will present the results of Chandra X-Ray observations and HST optical observation, aimed to identify the faint X-Ray sources population of the Globular Cluster NGC 6266. More of 100 sources has been detected in the Chandra observation, with more than 50 concentreted within the half mass radius of the cluster and very likely associated with the cluster itself.

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