Schedule Jan 17, 2009
Live Stellar Evolution and Stellar Collisions in N-body Simulations
Evert Glebbeek (McMaster Univ.)

An important aspect of modelling star cluster evolution is the treatment of stellar collisions and the subsequent evolution of the merger remnant. One of the stated goals of MODEST is to provide a software framework in which existing codes for treating dynamics, stellar evolution and hydrodynamics can be combined to produce self-consistent cluster models. This has resently resulted in MUSE, a software package that manages the communication between these modules in a transparent way with very little modification of the different individual codes.

In this contribution I will present recent progress in combining live stellar evolution and a simple treatment of stellar mergers based on the entropy sorting algorithm within the MUSE framework. This extends work presented at previous MODEST meetings where stellar evolution was combined transparently with entropy sorting but not yet with stellar dynamics.

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