Schedule Feb 05, 2014
Visual Distortions in Macular Degeneration: Quantitative Diagnosis and Correction
Walter Kohn, Jim Klingshirn, UCSB

When a small child first becomes aware of a tree or a house, he is often puzzled how such big objects can fit into his small eyes, a mere inch in diameter: -- a miracle? The macula is a very small amoeba-like spot, about 2mm in diameter, located on the retina, at the back of the eye. Most visual information is absorbed as light by the macula, then converted into an electrical impulse which moves along the optic nerve into the brain’s visual cortex. There it is perceived by the patient -- another miracle? Undistorted central vision requires a smooth, forward-facing macular surface, while a wrinkled macular surface causes visual distortions, which the present work aims to eliminate or at least mitigate. Demonstrations will be presented.

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