Schedule Feb 22, 2018
Neutrinos: A ν torch to new physics -- Physics Department Colloquium
Xiao Luo, Yale

The discovery of neutrino oscillations is so far the only direct experimental evidence of physics beyond the standard model, making neutrinos a torch which can illuminate the path forward to reveal the deep secrets of nature. Unlocking these secrets requires a new era of precision measurements of neutrino oscillations. The elusive nature of neutrinos demands the finest instruments in order to reach high precision. The Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber (LArTPC) is the chosen detector technology for the next generation of neutrino physics mega-projects. I will describe the current MicroBooNE experiment, a pioneer in the use of the LArTPC technology, designed to address the previously observed MiniBooNE low energy excess anomaly and perform detector R&D. Leveraging experience in data analysis in MicroBooNE, I will then discuss the physics goals and latest status of the future short and long-baseline neutrino oscillation programs, which will be providing unprecedented neutrino data to search for new physics.

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