KITP Program: The Cosmic Web: Connecting Galaxies to Cosmology at High and Low Redshift
(Jan 3 - Mar 17, 2023)
Coordinators: Joanne Cohn, Nick Kaiser, Christophe Pichon, and Dmitri Pogosyan
Scientific Advisors: D. Aubert (U-Strasbourg), D. Bond (CITA), S. Codis (IAP), K. Dawson (Utah), M. Haehnelt (IoA), C. Laigle (IAP), J. Peacock (ROE), A. Slyz (Oxford).

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Speakers: Please contact us about file upload for your slides.

Time Speaker Title
1/04, 1:30pm Christophe Pichon
Informal discussion (no zoom no recording)
1/05, 9:00am Dmitri Pogosyan
U. Alberta
Introduction of participant: 2 minutes each
1/06, 10:30am Christophe Pichon
Why should we care about the cosmic web?[Slides][Video][CC]
1/06, 11:00am Dmitry Pogosyan
U Alberta
Why should we NOT care about the cosmic web?[Slides][Video][CC]
1/09, 9:30am All Participants 5 minutes 2 slides introduction of all participants
1/10, 9:00am Benedikt Diemer
U Maryland
Where does the cosmic web end and the halo begin?[Slides][Video][CC]
1/10, 9:45am Chris Hamilton
Bar-halo friction with diffusion: how delicate are resonant phenomena?[Slides][Video][CC]
1/11, 1:30pm All Participants Informal discussion: CW and CGM
1/12, 9:00am Junsup Shim
Clustering of Critical Points in the Cosmic Web[Slides][Video][CC]
1/12, 9:45am Cora Uhlemann
Newcastle Univ.
Semiclassical path(s) to the cosmic web[Slides][Video][CC]
1/13, 10:30am All Participants Informal discussion: CW and cosmology
1/17, 9:00am Martin Bucher
Does the primordial universe exhibit parity violation?[Slides][Video][CC]
1/17, 9:45am Tom Abel
Tracing the phase space sheets of dark matter.[Slides][Video][CC]
1/18, 1:30pm All Participants Informal discussion (no zoom no recording)
1/19, 9:00am Charlotte Welker
How galaxies keep their cool in the heat : tracing the remains of gas filaments in massive halos.[Slides][Video][CC]
1/19, 9:45am Graziano Rossi
Sejong Univ.
Modeling the high-redshift cosmic web at small scales: a portal to the dark sector[Video][CC]
1/20, 10:30am All Participants Informal discussion (no zoom no recording)
1/23, 9:30am I. Szapudi
IfA Hawaii
Indicator power spectra and compactified simulations
1/23, 9:30am C. Laigle
The cosmic web in upcoming surveys
1/24, 9:00am Corentin Cadiou
Lund University
Angular momentum and galaxy formation[Video][CC]
1/24, 9:45am Kerwann Tep
The gravo-thermal relaxation of isotropic or rotating clusters[Slides][Video][CC]
1/25, 1:30pm Renaud, Einasto, Gnedin,
Aubert, Muru, Tempel,
Zhu, Aubert, Pharabod
Introducing new participants. [Offline]
1/26, 9:00am Mathieu Roule
Secular relaxation self-gravitating planes and discs[Slides][Video]
1/26, 9:45am Martin Weinberg
The lobsided response of dark halos[Slides][Video]
1/27, 10:30am All Participants Informal discussion: what have we learnt this week? [Offline]
1/27, 2:00pm Corentin Cadiou
The geometry and evolution of the cosmic web[Video]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
1/30, 9:30am Nick Gnedin
University of Chicago
Recovering Density Fields inside Quasar Proximity Zones at z ~ 6. [Offline]
1/30, 9:30am All Participants Informal discussion [Offline]
1/31, 9:00am Dominique Aubert
University of Strasbourg
The topology of reionization times[Video][CC]
1/31, 9:45am Florent Renaud
Lund University
Why don't galaxy mergers always do what you expect from them?[Video][CC]
2/01, 1:30pm All Participants Introductory talk for new participants [Offline]
2/02, 9:00am Julien Devriendt
Oxford University
On the importance/relevance of better modelling the interface between CGM and cosmic web.
2/02, 9:45am Hanjue Zhu
University of Chicago
Probing the IGM-galaxy connection with Lyman alpha transmission spikes.
2/03, 10:30am Adrianne Slyz
Oxford University
Effect of cosmic rays on outflows and inflows [Offline]
2/03, 11:00am Jinsu Rhee
On the origin of SF-quenching of galaxies in group environments with the NewHorizon simulation [Offline]
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