Program on

Dualities in String Theory

January - June, 1998

Coordinators: M. Douglas, W. Lerche, and H. Ooguri

Speakers: Please give your transparencies to the ITP staff members in the front office (Rm 1102) for scanning. They will be returned promptly to your mailbox.

Time Speaker Title
1/26 2:00 Dr. Savdeep Sethi
D-brane Bound State Redux
1/27 12:30 Dr. Nikita Nekrassov
ITP & Harvard
Testing Seiberg-Witten Solution
1/28 10:00 Dr. Tom Banks
The State of Matrix Theory[Audio]
2/3 1:00 Dr. Juan Maldacena
ITP & Harvard
The Large N Limit of Field Theories and Gravity
2/5 12:30 Dr. Kentaro Hori
Branes and Dynamical Supersymmetry Breaking
2/5 2:00 Dr. Sandip Trivedi
ITP & Fermilab
Chiral Gauge Theories from D-branes
2/10 1:30 Dr. Eva Silverstein
The Incredible Shrinking Calabi-Yau Manifold
2/12 12:30 Dr. Micha Berkooz
ITP & Rutgers Univ.
DLCQ Description of the (2,0) Field Theory
2/12 2:00 Dr. Senarath de Alwis
ITP & Univ. of Colorado
Radiation of RR States from NS Fivebranes
2/17 1:30 Dr. Gary McCartor
Southern Methodist Univ.
Zero Modes in the Light-Cone Representation
2/18 10:30 Dr. Amit Giveon
ITP & Hebrew U-Racah Inst.
Branes, Orientifolds, and Chiral Gauge Theories
2/19 12:30 Dr. Vadim Kaplunovsky
ITP & Univ. of Texas
Phenomenological Aspects of F Theory
2/24 1:30 Dr. Renata Kallosh
Conformal Theory on Branes
2/25 10:30 Dr. Jeffrey Harvey
ITP & Fermi Institute
Anomaly Cancellation of M5-Brane
2/26 12:30 Dr. Igor Klebanov
ITP & Princeton
Gauge Theory Correlators from Non-Critical String Theory
3/2 12:15 Dr. Hirosi Ooguri
Supersymmetry and Duality, Before 1995
3/3 1:30 Dr. Gary Horowitz
Spectrum of Large N Gauge Theory and Supergravity
3/4 10:30 Dr. Paul Townsend
ITP & DAMTP, Cambridge
AdS, Branes, Singletons, and All That
3/5 12:30 Dr. Chris Hull
ITP & Queen Mary College
Scaling Limits of M-Theory
3/9 12:15 Dr. Tom Banks
ITP & Rutgers Univ.
String Duality and M Theory[Audio]
3/10 1:30 Dr. Vijay Balasubramanian
ITP & Harvard
Dr. Finn Larsen
ITP & Univ of Pennsylvania
Near Horizon Geometry and Four-Dimensional Black Holes
3/10 4:00 Dr. Stephen Shenker
ITP & Rutgers
M Theory and Matrix Mechanics
3/11 12:30 Dr. Joseph Minahan
E-Strings and Topological Yang-Mills
3/12 12:30 Dr. Martin Halpern
ITP & UC Berkeley
Asymptotic Search for Ground States of SU(2) Matrix Theory
3/17 1:30 Dr. Tohru Eguchi
ITP & Univ of Tokyo
World-sheet Instanton and Virasoro Algebra
3/18 10:30 Dr. Juan Maldacena
ITP & Harvard
Wilson Loops in Large N Field Theories
3/19 12:30 Dr. Bernard De Wit
ITP & ITP-Netherlands
Supermembranes and Matrix Models in Nontrivial Backgrounds
3/24 1:30 Dr. Michael Douglas
ITP & Rutgers Univ.
Noncommutative Tori from D-branes Backgrounds
3/24 2:00 Dr. Marc Rieffel
ITP & UC Berkeley
Noncommutative Tori and Deformation Quantization
3/25 10:30 Dr. Barak Kol
ITP & Standford
1/4 BPS Monopoles and (p.q) Webs
3/25 1:30 Dr. Michael Bershadsky
ITP & Harvard
String Expansion as Large N Expansion of Gauge Theories
3/26 12:30 Dr. Andrew Strominger
ITP & Harvard
Black Hole Entropy from Near-horizon Microstates
3/30 1:30 Dr. Andrew Strominger
ITP & Harvard
Anti-de-Sitter Black Holes
3/31 2:00 Dr. Sanjaye Ramgoolam
ITP & Princeton
Particles and Instanton Moduli Spaces
4/1 1:30 Dr. Andrew Strominger
ITP & Harvard
Six-Dimensional String Theories
4/2 1:00 Dr. Stefan Theisen
ITP & Munich Univ
Wilson Loops in Large N at Finite T
4/7 1:30 Dr. Shamit Kachru
ITP & UC Berkeley
4d Conformal Theories and Strings on Orbifolds
4/8 10:30 Dr. Zvi Bern
The Relationship Between Yang-Mills Theory and Gravity, and its Implications for UV Divergences
4/9 12:30 Dr. Rajesh Gopakumar
ITP & Princeton Univ
String Theory as Large N Gauge Theory -- Some Toy Models
4/14 1:30 Dr. Arkady Tseytlin
ITP & Imperial College
Green-Schwarz Superstring Actions in Ramond-Ramond Backgrounds
4/15 10:30 Dr. Akikazu Hashimoto
Brane Absorptions and Conformal Field Theory
4/16 12:30 Dr. Michael Green
ITP & Cambridge Univ
Connections Between Quantum Supergravity, D-instantons and Witten Index for D-particles
4/20 10:30 Dr. Stephen Hawking
ITP & Cambridge Univ
Boundary Conditions in Anti-de-Sitter Space[Audio]
4/21 1:30 Dr. Daniel Freedman
The CFT_d/AdS_{d+1} Correspondence - A Non-Stringy Perspective
4/22 10:30 Dr. Jerome Gauntlett
ITP & Queen Mary College
Branes and Calibrated Geometries
4/23 12:30 Dr. Petr Horava
ITP & Caltech
M Theory as a Holographic Field Theory
4/27 12:30 Dr. Ofer Aharony
ITP & Rutgers Univ.
Chiral Operators and Deformations of Theories with 16 Supercharges as Tests of Maldacena's Duality
4/28 1:30 Dr. Laurent Baulieu
LPTHE, Paris
Is Topological Symmetry More Fundamental Than Supersymmetry?
4/29 10:30 Dr. Itzhak Bars
Duality and a Spacetime with Two Times
4/30 12:30 Dr. Hubert Saleur
Perturbation of IR Fixed Points and Duality in Quantum Impurity Problems
5/5 1:30 Dr. Miao Li
ITP & Fermi Institute
't Hooft vortices and phases of large N gauge theory
5/6 10:30 Dr. Steve Giddings
UC Santa Barbara
High energy scattering and D-charge creation in M theory
5/7 12:30 Dr. Jan De Boer
6d Supergravity on S^3 \times AdS^3 and 2d CFT
5/12 1:30 Dr. Clifford Johnson
ITP & Univ of Kentucky
Superstrings from supergravity
5/13 10:30 Dr. Thomas Banks
ITP & Rutgers Univ
Non-perturbative effects in AdS_5 \times S^5 string theory and d=4 SUSY Yang-Mills
5/14 12:30 Dr. Emil Martinec
ITP & Univ of Chicago
Mapping conformal field theory to geometry
5/19 1:30 Dr. Sunil Mukhi
ITP & Tata Inst, Bombay
String Junctions and Networks
5/20 10:30 Dr. Vipul Periwal
ITP & IAS, Princeton
Soliton Dynamics in String Theory
5/21 12:30 Dr. Stephen Shenker
ITP & Rutgers Univ.
Informal Discussion on Matrix Theory and Large N Gauge Theories
5/26 1:30 Dr. Wolfgang Lerche
Mirror Symmetry and F Theory-heterotic String Duality
5/27 10:30 Dr. Atish Dabholkar
ITP & Tata Inst, Bombay
String Islands
5/28 12:30 Dr. Sergio Ferrara
Structure of Supergravity on AdS(d+1) and SCFT's of Singletons
6/2 1:30 Dr. Savas Dimopoulos
Stanford Univ
The Hierarchy Problem and New Dimensions at a Millimeter to a Fermi
6/3 10:30 Informal
What Can We Learn About Gauge Theories From Maldacena's Duality?
6/4 12:30 Dr. Michael Duff
ITP & Texas A & M
Supersymmetry Without Supersymmetry in Anti-de Sitter Space
6/9 1:30 Dr. Spenta Wadia
ITP &Tata Inst, Bombay
Moduli of the {D_1}-{D_5} Brane
6/10 10:30 Dr. David Lowe
ITP & Brown Univ
Statistical Origin of Black Hole Entropy in Matrix Theory
6/11 12:30 Dr. Washington Taylor IV
ITP & Princeton
Supergravity Interactions from Perturbative Yang-Mills Theory
6/16 1:30 Dr. Nathan Berkovits
ITP & Univ Sao Paulo
A New Approach to Superstring Field Theory
6/17 10:30 Dr. Eric D'Hoker
Calogero-Moser Systems and Seiberg-Witten Theory
6/18 12:30 Dr. Paul Townsend
ITP & DAMTP, Cambridge
A Survey of Supergravities

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