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2004 Summer Program at KITP

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Instructors: B. Buffett (U. Chicago), A. Dziewonski (Harvard), D. DePaolo (UC Berkeley), S. Hart (WHOI), A. Kavner (UCLA), C. Lithgow-Bertelloni (U. Michigan), G. Masters (UCSD), B. Romanowicz(UC Berkeley), L. Stixrude (U. Michigan)
Schedule Mornings, 9am-12 noon: Two 60mn lectures, 10mn breaks
Lunch (students and instructors): 12 noon to 2pm - UCSB Dining Hall
Afternoons, 1.30-3:15pm 3rd lecture or discussion session; 3:15-3:30pm break;3:30-5pm: tutorial
Dinner (students) served from 6-7.30pm in UCSB Dining Hall
revised programs

Day 1 (Monday, July 12)
Seismology Geophysical Inverse Problems: Introduction Dziewonski
Geochemistry Overview: the geochemist's Earth (reservoirs, budgets and processes) - DePaolo
Mineral Physics: Earth forming minerals; structure and composition - Stixrude
Tutorial in Seismology(Dziewonski, Nettles)

Day 2 (Tuesday, July 13)
Geodynamics: Composition and structure of the Earth's mantle - Buffett
Geochemistry: Background A - Initial condition, the early Earth, Moon, meteorites, extinct radioactivities, terrestrial reservoirs and lithologies - Hart
Geochemistry: Background B - The tools; systematic behavior of trace elements and radiogenic isotope tracer systems - Hart
Tutorial in Mineral Physics (Stixrude)

Day 3 (Wednesday, July 14)
Geodynamics: Governing equations and approximate solutions - Buffett
Mineral Physics: Thermodynamics Stixrude
Seismology: Wave equation with consideration of anisotropy and attenuation - Dziewonski
Tutorial in Geochemistry (Hart/DePaolo)

Day 4 (Thursday, July 15)
Mineral Physics: Earth Mineralogy Kavner
Geochemistry: Physics of melting and melt migration; trace elements and U-series models - DePaolo
Geodynamics: Numerical, analytical and laboratory models - Lithgow-Bertelloni
Tutorial in Geodynamics (Buffett)

Day 5 (Friday, July 16)
Seismology: Body wave travel times (transmitted, reflected, differential) - Masters
Mineral Physics: Elasticity - Kavner
Geodynamics: Plates, subduction Lithgow-Bertelloni
Tutorial in Seismology(Masters,Nettles,Reif)

Day 6 (Saturday, July 17)
Mineral Physics: Lattice dynamics - Stixruder
Seismology: Surface waves: excitation, measurements of dispersion and attenuation Dziewonski
Geodynamics: Plumes, hotspots, transition zone and core-mantle boundary - Lithgow-Bertelloni/Buffett

Day 7 (Sunday, July 18)

Day 8 (Monday, July 19)
Seismology: Free oscillations: excitation, measurement of center frequencies and attenuation; differential kernels - Masters
Geochemistry:: Stable isotopes and rare gases; tracers of the shallow Earth and tracers of the deep Earth - Hart
Discussion followed by tutorial in Geochemistry (Hart)

Day 9 (Tuesday, July 20)
Mineral Physics: Ab initio calculations of material properties Stixrude
Geodynamics: Recap of geological observations as constraints, including geomag. Lithgow-Bertelloni
Geochemistry: Geochemical evolution and fingerprinting of terrestrial reservoirs - DePaolo
Tutorial in Geodynamics

Day 10 (Wednesday, July 21)
Geochemistry: Geochemical evolution and fingerprinting of terrestrial reservoirs (continued) - Hart
Seismology: Free oscillations: Mode splitting - Masters
Tutorial in Mineral Physics

Day 11 (Thursday, July 22)
Seismology: Wave propagation in three dimensional media Romanowicz
Geodynamics: Core formation and composition - Buffett
Mineral Physics: Transport properties and anelasticitys Kavner
Discussion or tutorial (tbd)

Day 12 (Friday, July 23)
Seismology: Current state of knowledge of the structure of the Earth's interior Masters and Dziewonski
Geodynamics: Thermal and dynamical evolution of the earth and planets Buffett
Discussion and Tutorial in geodynamics

Day 13 (Saturday, July 24)
Geochemistry: Terrestrial budgets and evolution modeling - DePaolo
Mineral Physics: Building terrestrial planets Kavner/Stixrude
Summary, Panel Discussion

Day 14 (Sunday, July 25)
Afternoon Tutorials and Exercises

Nuts and Bolts: chemistry, mass specs, standards and constants, normalization, precision - Hart
Navigating GERM: finding and evaluating geochemical reference data - Hart and DePaolo
GEOROC and PETDB - Hart The world of MORB and OIB data manipulation
Melts: Understanding differentiation with the MELTS program
Crust-Mantle Box models: Integrating geochemical reservoir models with tomographic and geodynamic constraints - DePaolo
melting and melt migration: Porous flow and focused flow models, U-series constraints, spidergram inversions - DePaolo and Hart

a) Stability analysis
b) Parametrized Convection /td>
c1) Introduction to CitCom -cooling model
c2) CitCom - cont'd -high Rayleigh numbers
c3) More idealized models of subduction
d) Integrating models and observations: geoid, heat flow, tomography and chemical geodynamics
e) Off line analysis of convection models (e.g. radial correlation functions etc..)
f) extention of parametrized model from b) for application to terrestrial planets with cores and radioactivity

Mineral Physics
a) Constructing phase diagrams, compositional models of regions of earth, phase relations with depth
b) Equations of state models, rheological flow laws, activated processes, applications to radial and lateral velocity variations/td>
c) Testing and comparing results from different experiments
d) Normal mode measurements; center frequencies, mode splitting, attenuation
e) Comparison of different wave propagation approximations
f) Examples of 1-D and 3-D models; reasons for discrepancies

a) Simple examples of inverse problems with illustration of the effect of matrix conditioning, etc.
b) Travel time measurememts: data from bulletins (ISC), waveform measurements at long- and short-periods, differential travel times, effect of attenuation
c) Measurement of dispersion and attenuation: construction of 2-D maps of phase and group velocities
d) Normal mode measurements; center frequencies, mode splitting, attenuation
e) Comparison of different wave propagation approximations
f) Examples of 1-D and 3-D models; reasons for discrepancies

Preliminary Schedule July 26-28, 2004 Mornings, 9am-12 noon: Review lectures
10:15-10:30 am: Coffee Break
Lunch at Ortega Dining Hall: 12 noon to 1.30pm - UCSB Dining Hall
Afternoons: 1.30-2.30pm: complementary presentations; 2.30pm Discussion and free time;
Dinner (students) served from 6-7.30pm in Ortega Dining Hall
Morning Review Lectures

Day 1 (Monday, July 26) -theme: "Scales of lateral heterogeneity"
Lead Review Geochemistry Stan Hart
Follow up reviews Seismology Adam Dziewonski
Geodynamics Slava Solomatov
Mineral Physics ??

Day 2 (Tuesday, July 27) -theme: "Processes at the CMB"
Lead Review Seismology Thorne Lay
Follow up reviews Geodynamics David Stevenson
Geochemistry Don DePaolo
Mineral Physics Dan Shim

Day 3 (Wednesday, July 28) - theme "Plumes/upwelling/melting"
Lead Review Geodynamics Louise Kellogg
Follow up reviews Geochemistry Don DePaolo
Mineral Physics Dion Heinz
Seismology Barbara Romanowicz
High Pressure Physics Dave Mao
Mineral Physics of Peridotite Kanani Lee
Post-Perovskite Phase Transition David Yuen

Day 4 (Thursday, July 29) TBD

Day 5 (Friday, July 30) tbd

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