Schedule Nov 12, 2009
2D Crystals of Fabricated Quantum Objects?
Hans Mooij, Delft Univ. & KITP

The questions that I would like to ask are:

We can make fabricated quantum objects with vortices that are trapped in a Josephson array. We can make a square object where a vortex can oscillate in two directions, we can make an object where vortices have two equivalent positions available, we can tilt the potential by means of overlying current lines. We can make objects with four equivalent positions. We can couple these objects through the mutual induction from parts of the trap loop.

We can drive these systems with RF that is resonant with the energy splittings and we can in principle detect their position. We have not yet done experiments, but have enough experience to be confident.

Any reaction is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately I will leave the KITP after tomorrow, Friday 13 November.

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