Phys 260G -- talks by UCSB faculty

Speaker Date Place          Title
David Weld 12:00pm, Mon, Oct 31 Rm 3302 Quantum Simulation of Condensed Matter with Ultracold Atoms
Don Marolf 1:00pm, Mon, Nov 7 Rm 3302 Meeting with New Students by the Grad Advisor
Speaker Date Title
Guenter AhlersMay 2011Turbulent Convection with Phase Change
Guenter AhlersMar 2011Turbulent Rayleigh Benard Convection
David AwschalomApr 2006Nuclear Spins on Semiconductors
David AwschalomMar 2006Manipulating Spin Coherence in Semiconductor Structure
Leon BalentsNov 2010Pedagogical Lecture: Frustration, Spin Liquids, and All That
Leon BalentsFeb 2010Spin-orbit Physics in the Mott Regime
Leon BalentsAug 2007Overview of the MOTTERIALS07 Program
Leon BalentsMay 2007Some Problems from Condensed Matter of Possible Interest in Cold Atoms
Leon BalentsApr 2006Interaction Effects on Quasiparticle Dynamics in Metals with Spin-Orbit Interaction
Leon BalentsApr 2004Electrons as Exotic Dancers
Leon BalentsMay 2003Field Theory of Droplets and Rare Events in Glasses
L. BalentsSep 1999Excitonic Ordering from Weak to Strong Coupling: Enhanced Symmetry, Phase Separation, and Ferromagnetism
Leon M. BalentsAug 1998Interaction Effects in Carbon Nanotubes
Leon BalentsMay 1998Duality and Nodal Liquid Theory of High T_c Superconductors
Leon BalentsFeb 1998From meV to MeV and Back: Capitalizing on Field Theory in One-dimensional Correlated Insulators
Mac Beasley
Doug Scalapino
Jul 2009The Physics of Higher Temperature Superconductivity: Context and Issues
David BerensteinSep 2006Emergent Gravity from CFT
David BerensteinSep 2006Weakly Coupled D-brane Phenomenology
Lars BildstenAug 2009Thanks and Awards
Lars BildstenApr 2007Welcome
Lars BildstenMar 2007Acknowledgements
Lars BildstenMar 2007Helium Shell Flashes and Faint Supernovae
Lars BildstenMar 2007The Life of a Star
Lars BildstenFeb 2007Carbon Ignition in White Dwarfs
L. BildstenMar 2006Last Word
L. BildstenMar 2006Flashes from Accreting WDs in New Contexts
Lars Bildsten & Phil ArrasFeb 2006The Physics of California
Lars BildstenOct 2005The Life of a Star
Moderator: Lars BildstenOct 2004PANEL: Future of Gravitational Waves
Lars BildstenJuly 2003Birth, Life and Death of Stars
Lars BildstenJun 2003The First Measurement of the Gravitational Redshift of a Neutron Star
Lars BildstenFeb 2003Hot White Dwarf Donors in Ultracompact Binaries
Lars BildstenDec 2002Physics of the White Dwarf Frontier
Lars BildstenMar 2001Gravitational Waves from Accreting Neutron Stars
Lars BildstenDec 2000Young Neutron Stars: Progress and New Questions
Lars BildstenOct 2000Gravitational Radiation from Accreting Neutron Stars
Lars BildstenOct 2000Welcome to the Conference
Lars BildstenSep 2000Neutron Stars - A View from the Outside
Lars BildstenAug 2000Introduction to the Program, Plan and Info
Lars BildstenMay 2000Lithium Burning in Low Mass Stars: A New Way to Measure Stellar Ages
Lars BildstenOct 1999Nucleosynthesis, Triggers and Rotation in Type I X-Ray Bursts (Maryland Talk)
Lars BildstenOct 1999Dating Young Stars with Lithium Burning
Lars Bildsten and Tod StrohmayerFeb 1999New Views of Neutron Stars
Omer BlaesJun 2005How Astrophysical Disks Work
Omer BlaesOct 2000Winds from Radio Pulsars and Magnetars
Matthew FisherOct 20102D Bose and Non-Fermi Liquid "Metals"
Matthew FisherJun 2009D-wave Metals for 2d Bosons and Electrons
Matthew FisherSep 2007Tutorial: Spin Liquids
Matthew FisherApr 2006Quantum Crystals, Quantum Choreography and Quantum Computing
Moderator: Matthew FisherOct 2004PANEL: Quantum Matter in the 21st Century
Matthew FisherApr 2004Deconfined Quantum Criticality
Matthew FisherNov 2002Cuprates Amiss: Sublime Simplicity or a Matted Mess
Matthew FisherApr 2001Splitting the Electron
Matthew FisherNov 1999Vortices and Z2 Gauge Theory of Correlated Electrons
Matthew FisherSep 1998Nodal Liquid Theory
Greg Fuchs
David Awschalom
Dec 2009Gigahertz Dynamics of a Strongly-Driven Single Spin in Diamond
Steven GiddingsJun 2011(Perfection)^2 =? : Scattering Amplitudes Meet Black Holes
Steven GiddingsApr 2011High-energy (Super)gravitational Scattering and the Unitarity Crisis
Steve GiddingsFeb 2008Discussion: Black Hole Formation/Thermalization
Steve GiddingsOct 2007High-energy Scattering and Locality: Gravity and Strings
Steve GiddingsJan 2007Observables in Quantum Gravity
Boris ShraimanAug 2011Open Discussion: "Grand Challenges" in the Field
David GrossOct 2000Ten Top Questions in Fundamental Physics
David GrossJun 2000TBA
Sergei GukovAug 2010Omega Deformation vs. Quantization
Sergei GukovMar 2009Branes, Duality, and Quantization
Sergei GukovAug 2008Branes and Representations
Sergei GukovJul 2008Surface Operators and Ramification, III
Sergei GukovJul 2008Surface Operators and Ramification, II
Sergei GukovJul 2008Surface Operators and Ramification, I
James HartleJan 2007Discussion: No Boundary Proposal and Alpha Parameters
Matthew HastingsDec 2010Pedagogical Lecture: Entanglement, Computation, and Physics
Gary HorowitzJun 2009General Relativity in a Nutshell
Gary HorowitzMay 2007Toward Counting the Microstates of a Kerr Black Hole
Gary HorowitzJan 2007Introduction to Singularity Resolution
Joe PolchinskiSep 1997String Theory: What's New?
Kenneth KosikJan 2010Inferring the Origins of the Synapse by Comparative Genomics
Jim LangerApr 2010Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics and STZs
Phil LubinMar 2010Origin and Fate - The Planck Mission
Andreas LudwigSep 2011Classification of Topological Insulators and Superconductors: The 'Ten-Fold Way', Responses, and Quantum Anomalies
Andreas LudwigJun 2009Classification of Topological Insulators and Superconductors
Don MarolfDec 2003Entropy Bounds: Can We Live Without Them?
Donald MarolfFeb 1999Introduction to Black Branes
Crystal MartinOct 2007Spectroscopic Searches for High-Redshift Lyman Alpha Emission
Crystal MartinAug 2007Evolution of Galactic Winds
John MartinisAug 2010Microscopic Measurements of Two Level States in Josephson Qubits
David MorrisonAug 2010Supergravity Approach to the Connection Between 4D and 2D Theories
David MorrisonMay 2009Non-geometric Heterotic Compactifications
Dave MorrisonJul 2008Mirror Symmetry and Langlands Duality, III
Dave MorrisonJul 2008Mirror Symmetry and Langlands Duality, II
Dave MorrisonJul 2008Mirror Symmetry and Langlands Duality, I
Chetan NayakFeb 2009Non-Abelian Topological States and Quantum Computation
Chetan NayakApr 2007Topological Phases of Matter and Quantum Computation
Jean CarlsonJul 2011Welcome and Organizational Meeting
Joe PolchinskiSep 2011Fermi Liquids & Holography
Joe PolchinskiJul 2011Emergent Spacetime from AdS/CFT
Joe PolchinskiJul 2009AdS/CFT FAQ
Joe PolchinskiApr 2009Holography from CFT
Joe PolchinskiFeb 2009Duality and Confinement
Joe PolchinskiFeb 2009What is String Theory?
Joe PolchinskiDec 2008Landscape/CFT Duality?
Joseph PolchinskiFeb 2008A Matrix Model for Black Hole Thermalization
Joe PolchinskiOct 2006Discussion on Cosmology with a Focus on 'Eternal Inflation'
Joe PolchinskiOct 2006Cosmic Strings and Superstrings
Joe PolchinskiOct 2006Open Heterotic Strings
Joe PolchinskiSep 2006Informal discussion group: Integrability in Gauge Theory and String Theory
Joe PolchinskiAug 2006The Cosmological Constant and the String Landscape
Joe PolchinskiMar 2005Regge Physics in AdS/CFT
Joseph Polchinski Mar 2005Primer: Quantum Electrodynamics
Joe Polchinski*Jan 2005Quantum Criticality in String/M Theory
Joe PolchinskiNov 2004Regge physics in gauge/string duality
Joe PolchinskiNov 2004Informal Discussion on Integrability
Moderator: Joseph PolchinskiOct 2004PANEL: Field Theory and Mathematics
Joe PolchinskiAug 2004QCD, Strings and Duality
Joe PolchinskiApr 2004Superstring Cosmology
Joe PolchinskiNov 2003F and D Cosmic Strings in Flux Compactifications
Joe PolchinskiOct 2003Cosmological Singularities in String Theory
Joe PolchinskiMar 2003String Theory, Dark Energy, and the Anthropic Principle
Joe PolchinskiOct 2002Quantum Hall Effect on R4
Joseph PolchinskiAug 2002Superstring Cosmology??
Joe PolchinskiMay 2002Deep Inelastic Scattering and the Growth of Strings
Joe PolchinskiApr 2002What Can String Theory Teach Us About QCD?
Joe PolchinskiOct 2001Hard Scattering in Gauge/Gravity Duality
Joseph PolchinskiJun 2001Conference Summary
Joseph PolchinskiJun 2001Hierarchies from Fluxes
Joseph PolchinskiMay 2001From Atoms to Quarks to Strings
Joe PolchinskiSep 2000Supergravity Duals for N=1 Gauge Theories
Joseph PolchinskiNov 1999Absence of Repulson Singularities: A Spacetime Result and Its Gauge Theory Analog
Joseph PolchinskiSep 1999Holography, AdS Space, and Compactification; an Informal Discussion
Joe PolchinskiAug 1999D-branes III
Joe PolchinskiAug 1999D-branes II
Joe PolchinskiAug 1999D-branes I
Joe PolchinskiJun 1999Lessons from Field Theory/String Theory Duality
Joe PolchinskiFeb 1999What is String Theory and What Does It Have To Do With Black Holes?
Joe PolchinskiFeb 23 & Mar 1999Introduction to D-Branes (parts I & II)
Joe PolchinskiFeb 23 & Mar 1999Introduction to D-Branes (parts I & II)
Joe PolchinskiOct 1998Recent Progress in String Theory
Joe PolchinskiOct 1998Matrix Theory and Maldacena Conjecture
Jeffrey RichmanMay 2010Early Results and Physics Prospects for the CMS Experiment at the LHC
Doug ScalapinoJan 2011Theory Discussion: Interplay Between Spin and Orbital Degs. of Freedom I
Doug ScalapinoSep 2009A Common Thread
Doug ScalapinoJul 2009Discussion of the Fe-superconductors
Douglas ScalapinoJun 2009The Structure of the Hubbard Model Pairing Interaction
Boris ShraimanFeb 2011Unexpected Physics in Biology
Boris ShraimanJul 2007Modeling Signal Transduction: How quantitative can one get?
Boris ShraimanMar 2003Biology -- What is There to Compute?
Boris ShraimanNov 2001Statistical Mechanics in Modeling of Transcription Control Networks
Nicola SpaldinJan 2010Whither Multiferroics? (Subtitle: Should there still be two 'h's in Whither?)
Mark SrednickiJan 2010Quantum Chaos and the Riemann Zeta Function
Mark SrednickiJan 2007High-Energy Gravitational Scattering and Black Hole Resonances
Tommaso TreuApr 2007Young Stellar Populations and Active Star Formation in Elliptical Galaxies
Wim van DamSep 2009The Current State of Quantum Algorithms
Cenke XuNov 2010Pedagogical Lecture: Unconventional Quantum Critical Point
Cenke XuOct 2010Quantum Spin Liquids in the Half-filled Hubbard Model on the Honeycomb Lattice
Cenke XuOct 2010Pedagogical Lecture: Conventional and Unconventional Quantum Critical Points
Anthony ZeeJun 2005Folding RNA
Moderator: Anthony ZeeOct 2004PANEL: The Future of Quantum Computing
Moderator: Anthony ZeeOct 2004PANEL: The Nature of Quantum Mechanics
Anthony ZeeJun 2001Matrix Field Theorists Try to Fold RNA