KITP Program: Living Near Unitarity
(May 9 - Jun 17, 2022)
Coordinators: Olivier Dulieu, Chris Greene, Alejandro Kievsky, and Daniel Phillips

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Time Speaker Title
5/09, 10:30am Dean Lee
Michigan State University/Facility for Rare Isotope Beams
Few- and Many-Body Systems near Unitarity[Slides][Video][CC]
5/10, 10:30am Doerte Blume
University of Oklahoma
Small atomic quantum systems with large s-wave scattering length[Slides][Video][CC]
5/11, 1:30pm All Participants Discussion: Efimov trimers & tetramers in different settings
5/12, 10:30am Pascal Naidon
Few- and many-body physics of two-component systems[Slides][Video][CC]
5/13, 1:30pm All Participants Discussion: Correlations in many-body systems induced by universal few-body systems
5/16, 10:30am Giuseppina Orlandini
Univ. of Trento
Exploring universality with a many-body energy density functional[Slides][Video][CC]
5/16, 11:30am Winfried Leidemann
Univ. of Trento
Resonances in Few-Particle Systems[Slides][Video][CC]
5/17, 10:30am Raul Briceno
Old Dominion Univ.
Few-body hadronic resonances in lattice QCD[Slides][Video][CC]
5/18, 1:30pm Paul Julienne
Discussion: Molecular interactions and reactions for diatomics and triatomics[Slides]
5/19, 10:30am Peter Schmelcher
Correlation effects in the nonequilibrium quantum dynamics of trapped finite atomic mixtures[Video][CC]
5/19, 11:30am Simeon Mistakidis
Correlated dynamics of polaronic excitations, magnetic properties and quantum droplets[Video][CC]
5/20, 1:30pm Nathan Harshman (American University)
Michael Higgins (Purdue University)
Chris Greene (Purdue University)
Discussion: (1) Reduced dimensions; (2) Efimov physics for identical fermions
5/23-26 Conference: Opportunities and Challenges in Few-Body Physics: Unitarity and Beyond
5/27, 9:30am All Participants Discussion: led by Alejandro Kievsky and Chris Greene, Tetraneutron and other controversial subjects
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