KITP Program: Emerging Regimes and Implications of Quantum and Thermal Fluctuational Electrodynamics
(Jun 20 - Aug 5, 2022)
Coordinators: Mauro Antezza, Ricardo S. Decca, David Dean, and Alejandro Rodriguez
Scientific Advisors: Mehran Kardar and Lilia Woods

Speakers: Please contact us about file upload for your slides.

Time Speaker Title
8/04, 1:15pm Kay Wiese
ENS Paris
When stuck, measure the effective action to construct the field theory[Video][CC]
8/03, 10:45am Mauro Antezza
University of Montpellier
Giant Casimir Torque And Theta=0 Anomaly + Genuinely Quantum Thermal Machine Out of Thermal Equilibrium[Video][CC]
8/03, 9:15am Stefan Scheel
University of Rostock
Rydberg excitons in semiconductors[Video][CC]
8/02, 10:45am Sheng Shen
Carnegie Mellon University
Direct Simulation and Theory of Thermal Radiation from Nanophotonic Structures[Video][CC]
8/02, 9:15am Mehran Kardar
Competitive growth on a rugged front[Video][CC]
8/01, 1:15pm Igor Bondarev
North Carolina Central University
Excitons, plasmons, and excitonic complexes in quasi-1d semiconductors. The Theoretical perspective[Slides][Video][CC]
7/29, 2:00pm Mauro Antezza
Univ. Montpellier
Macroscopic Effects of Fluctuations in Quantum and Classical Electrodynamics: Casimir Forces and Radiative Heat Transfer[Video]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
7/29, 10:45am Carsten Henkel
Universitat Potsdam Bestatigte
Master equations on trial for violation of the 2nd law[Slides][Video]
7/29, 9:15am Matthias Kruger
Gerog-August Universitat Gottingen
How fluctuational electrodynamics interplays with spatial symmetries: examples in and out of equilibrium[Video]
7/28, 1:15pm David Dean
University of Bordeaux
Round-table: Thermal Casimir effects in and out of equilibrium.[Video][CC]
7/27, 10:45am Ramin Golestanian
MPI-DS and Oxford University
Long-ranged fluctuation-induced forces in driven electrolytes[Video][CC]
7/27, 9:15am Ramin Golestanian
MPI-DS and Oxford University
Classical analogues of Bose-Einstein condensation in active matter[Video][CC]
7/26, 10:45am Marco Centini
University of Rome
Hybrid metal-dielectric nanoantennas for tailored infrared thermal radiation[Video][CC]
7/26, 9:15am Igor Bondarev
North Carolina Central University
Strongly correlated collective excitations in planar transdimensional nanostructures[Slides][Video][CC]
7/25, 1:15pm Matthias Kruger
Gerog-August Universitat Gottingen
Round-table: Fluctuations and responses for nonlinear, nonreciprocal, and nonequilibrium media[Video][CC]
7/22, 10:45am Stefan Scheel
Rostock Univ.
Rydberg systems at interfaces[Video][CC]
7/22, 9:15am Svend Age Biehs
Oldenburg Univ.
Near-field heat transfer in many body systems[Slides][Video][CC]
7/21, 10:45am Paulo Maia Neto
Dynamical Casimir effects with atoms: From the emission of photon pairs to geometric phases[Slides][Video][CC]
7/21, 9:15am Gang Chen
Non-Fourier phonon heat conduction:ballistic, coherent, localized,hydrodynamic,& divergent modes[Video][CC]
7/20, 1:15pm Paulo Maia Neto
Fernando Lombardo
(Univ. de Buenos Aires)
Dynamical Casimir effect[Slides][Video][CC]
7/19, 10:45am Mohammad Maghrebi
Michigan State Univ.
Driven-dissipative systems: From quantum fluctuations to quantum information[Video][CC]
7/19, 9:15am Maria Cristina Larciprete
Univ. of Rome
Tunable materials for infrared management[Video][CC]
7/18, 1:15pm Carsten Henkel
(Univ. Potsdam)
Francesco Intravaia
(Humboldt Univ.)
Fernando Lombardo
(Univ. de Buenos Aires)
Quantum friction[Slides][Video][CC]
7/11-14 Conference: Quantum and Thermal Electrodynamic Fluctuations in the Presence of Matter: Progress and Challenges
7/08, 10:45am Kanu Sinha
Arizona State University
Fluctuation-induced decoherence in nanoscale quantum systems[Video]
7/08, 9:15am Raul Esquivel Sirvent
Universidad Nacional Autonomade Mexico
Radiative Heat Transfer and Non-equilibrium Casimir forces in high Tc superconductors[Video]
7/07, 1:15pm Lilia Woods
University of South Florida
From graphene to twisted bilayered graphene at magic angles, and other materials: lessons for Casimir phenomena[Video][CC]
7/06, 10:45am Miguel Rubi
University of Barcelona
Radiative heat exchange and Casimir forces in carbon nanotubes[Video][CC]
7/06, 9:15am Samy Merabia
Universite Lyon
Thermal transport at interfaces: extreme near field, molecular junctions and nanofluidic devices'[Video][CC]
7/05, 10:45am Kofi Edee
Clermont-Auvergne University
Modal methods in photonics: From Fourier modal method to Polynomial to polynomial modal method[Video][CC]
7/05, 9:15am Bo Persson
Forschungszentrum Julich
Van der Waals adhesion and heat conduction in small particle systems with application to (spinning) asteroids[Video][CC]
7/01, 10:45am Brahim Guizal
University of Montpellier
The Fourier Modal Method as applied to diffraction gratings : a historical overview[Video][CC]
7/01, 9:15am Pierre-Olivier Chapuis
Controlling near-field thermal energy for conversion devices and sensing[Slides][Video][CC]
6/30, 1:15pm Philippe Ben-Abdallah
Laboratoire Charles Fabry
Round-table: A hydrodynamic formulation of heat and momentum transfers in many body systems[Video]
6/29, 10:45am Philippe Ben-Abdallah
Laboratoire Charles Fabry
Thermotronics: thermal management and information treatment with thermal photons[Slides][Video][CC]
6/29, 9:15am Philippe Ben-Abdallah
Laboratoire Charles Fabry
Anomalous near-field heat transfer in many-body systems[Slides][Video][CC]
6/28, 10:45am Yi Zheng
Northeastern University
Multifunctional Metamaterials: Spectral Selectivity, Self-Adaptivity and Switching (M2S3)[Video][CC]
6/28, 9:15am Yi Zheng
Northeastern University
Dynamic Control of Radiative Thermal Transport: Fundamentals and Applications[Video][CC]
6/27, 1:15pm Gang Chen
Round-table: Photomolecular evaporation and interfacial absorption from nonabsorbing liquids[Video][CC]
6/24, 10:45am Jian-Sheng Wang
National University of Singapore
Energy, momentum, and angular momentum transfers mediated by photons[Slides][Video][CC]
6/24, 9:15am Jian-Sheng Wang
National University of Singapore
Nonequilibrium Green's functions - definition, fluctuation-dissipation theorem, Meir-Wingreen formula, etc[Slides][Video][CC]
6/23, 1:15pm Shanhui Fan
Stanford University
Non reciprocal thermal radiation and solar energy conversion[Video][CC]
6/22, 10:45am Mehran Kardar
Forces from fluctuations in and out of equilibrium: part 2[Video][CC]
6/22, 9:15am Mehran Kardar
Forces from fluctuations in and out of equilibrium: part 1[Video][CC]
6/21, 10:45am Zhuomin Zhang
Georgia Institute of Technology
Near-field radiative energy conversion devices[Slides][Video][CC]
6/21, 9:15am Zhuomin Zhang
Georgia Institute of Technology
Fundamentals of near-field thermal radiation[Slides][Video][CC]