Schedule Oct 12, 2012
Chiral RKKY Effect in Pr2Ir2O7
Rebecca Flint (MIT)

Authors:\tRebecca Flint and T. Senthil

Motivated by the observed chiral spin liquid in the metallic spin ice Pr2Ir2O7, we consider how such a chiral state might be selected from the spin ice manifold. We propose that chiral fluctuations of the conducting Ir moments promote ferro-chiral couplings between the local Pr moments, as a chiral analogue of the magnetic RKKY effect. Pr2Ir2O7 provides an ideal setting to explore such a chiral RKKY effect, given the inherent chirality of the spin-ice manifold. We use a slave-rotor calculation on the pyrochlore lattice to estimate the sign and magnitude of the chiral coupling, and find it can easily explain the 1.5K transition to a ferro-chiral state.

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