Schedule Aug 28, 2013
Rescuing Quantum Mechanics and (Approximate) Spacetime
Steve Giddings (UCSB)

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In this talk I attempted to paraphrase some comments Lenny and Joe had made; there were some questions about these. In the interest of improving my accuracy regarding what they had said, here are the quotes from the relevant talks:

Lenny's blackboard lunch talk (starting around 47:50): "I myself ... and others, think there's something correct about the idea that the distant Hawking radiation is information-theoretically holographically a description of the interior of the black hole, but there are other paradoxes…..." (This appeared to match his earlier description of how A=R_B works, see around 44:00.)

Joe's comment on Eva's talk (around 1:04:30): "It respects the broader message I was trying to make, which is the CFT really doesn't give you a good description of the bulk for many reasons, and you need an independent theory of the bulk.""

(For some of my own concerns about how and whether through AdS/CFT the boundary theory accurately describes the bulk, see This question has provoked controversy. Some of my thoughts regarding the need to find such an independent theory, and regarding possible approaches and guideposts, are mentioned there, and are reflected in my talk, and in my ongoing work of recent years.)