Physics at High Pressures: Interiors of Giant Planets, Extrasolar Planets and Brown Dwarfs
ITP Miniprogram, January 8 - 26, 2001
Coordinators: N. Ashcroft, T. Guillot, R. Jeanloz, & D. Stevenson

High Pressure
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Monday, January 8, 2001

Time Speaker Title
9:30 Tristan Guillot Models and Observations of Giant Planets and Brown Dwarfs: What are the Regimes of Interest? What is the Connection between Observation and Theory?[Audio][WebCam]
10:45  Dave Stevenson What Are the Outstanding Questions? Which Materials, Mixtures and Phases Interest Us the Most? What Transport Properties Would We like to Know?[Audio][WebCam]
2:00 Raymond Jeanloz What Experimental Approaches Inform Us?  What Kinds of Experiments Exist, What regimes Can Be Reached, What Materials Can Be Studied, What Challenges Can Be Met?[Audio][WebCam]
3:15 Neil Ashcroft What Is the State of Relevant Condensed Matter Theory?  What Are the Achievable Goals for Equations of State (Including Fluids and Ionic Systems), for Transport Properties?  What Are the Accuracies and Success of Current Methods?  What New Methods or Approaches Could We Consider?[Audio][WebCam]
Tuesday, January 9, 2001
TOPIC: Direct Observations, Spectra & Theoretical Interpretations
Time Speaker Title
9:00 Sue Terebey Detection of Brown Dwarfs (BDs) and Extrasolar Planets (EPs)[Audio][WebCam]
Maria Zapatero-Osorio Detection of BDs/free Floating Planets in Young Clusters[Audio][WebCam]
Ben Oppenheimer Observations & Spectral Classification of BDs[Audio][WebCam]
Tadaki Nakajima Monitoring BDs' Weather[Audio][WebCam]
2:00 Adam BurrowsEvolution of EPs & BDs[Audio][WebCam]
Mark Marley Clouds, Albedos & Atmospheres of BDs & EPs[Audio][WebCam]
Didier Saumon Determining Chemical Abundances from Hi-res Observations of BDS[Audio][WebCam]
Travis Barman Modeling Spectra & Atmospheres of Irradiated Planets[Audio][WebCam]
Wednesday, January 10, 2001
TOPIC: Observations, Interior Structure & Evolution
Time Speaker Title
11:00 Gilles Chabrier Evolution of Substellar Objects & the IMF[Audio][WebCam]
2:00 Stan Peale Detecting EPs by Microlensing[Audio][WebCam]
Tim Brown Measuring Radii & Atmospheric Characteristics during Transits of EPs[Audio][WebCam]
Adam Showman Atmospheric Dynamics & the Evolution of "Hot Jupiters"[Audio][WebCam]
Thursday, January 11, 2001
TOPIC: Experimental Efforts: Making and Characterizing Highly Compressed Material
Time Speaker Title
9:00 Bill Nellis Planetary Fluids at High Pressures and Temperatures[Audio][WebCam]
10:00 N. Holmes Sound Velocities and Absurd Optical Properties of Shocked[Audio][WebCam]
11:00 Robin Benedetti Static Experiments on Molecular Systems at High Pressures and Temperatures[Audio][WebCam]
M. Eremets Condensed Gases at Megabar Static Pressures
Friday, January 12, 2001
TOPIC: Theoretical EOS Work on the Simplest Systems  (Primarily Hydrogen)
Time Speaker Title
9:00 Morris Podolak A Glimpse at Two "Ice Giants": Uranus and Neptune[Audio]
10:00 David Ceperley Equation of State of Hydrogen by Path Integral Methods[Audio]
10:30 Burkhard Militzer High Temperature Equation of State for H and D[Audio]
11:00 Giles Chabrier/Didier Saumon Equations of State of H and He in the Astrophysical Context[Audio]
Hugh De Witt Extreme State of Matter: OCP and Ionic Mixtures
Lee Collins
Neil Ashcroft
Forrest Rogers Equation of State of Partially Ionized Plasmas
TBA HOWTO: From High-P Experiments to a Better Knowledge of the EPs and BDs

Monday, January 15, 2001
TOPIC: Theoretical Equations of State
Time Speaker Title
9:00 W. Kraeft Non-ideal hydrogen at high temperatures
R. Redmer
H. Juranek
Hydrogen EOS
S. Scandolo Ionic Thermodynamics and High P
2:00 R. Cohen Earth Mantle and Core Materials from First Principles
Tuesday, January 16, 2001
Time Speaker Title
9:00 Discussion Group
Led by Stevenson with involvement from:
S. Peale
L. Bildsten
T. Guillot, etc.
The Condensed Matter Physics Issue is Existence or Otherwise of first Order Phase at Extreme P, T (including Rocky Material)
Stan Peale Orbital Resonances Among the Galilean Satellites[Audio]
Dave Stevenson Dissipation and the Jovian Core[Audio]
Wednesday, January 17, 2001
Time Speaker Title
9:00 Discussion Group
Led by T. Guillot How Do Equations of State and Phase Transitions Affect Giant Planet Models?[Audio]
Leb by N. Ashcroft How Well Do We Know Hydrogen?
Thursday, January 18, 2001
Time Speaker Title
9:00 Discussion Group
Led By D. Stevenson Transport and Magnetic Fields in Giant Planets
Condensed Matter Physics Issue: Electrical Conductivity of Hydrogen.
Also Opacity Issues

Monday, January 22, 2001
Time Speaker Title
Led by:
R. Cohen
R. Jeanloz
D. Stevenson
What's Happening in the Lower Mantle and at the Core-Mantle Boundary of Earth?
R. Cohen The Base of the Mantle: Possible Phase Transitions & FeO and CoO at Hi Pressures: LDA+U Computations[Audio]
R. Jeanloz Core-Mantle Boundary of Earth[Audio]
Tuesday, January 23, 2001
Time Speaker Title
9:00 D. Stevenson
On the Importance of Being Noble: He, Ne, and Ar in the Giant Planets and in Metals[Audio]
11:00 A. Cumming Detectability of Extrasolar Planets