Program on Physics of Hydrodynamic Turbulence (Jan 31 - Jun 30, 2000)
Coordinators: P. Constantin, I. Procaccia, B. Shraiman, and K. Sreenivasan

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Mini-Workshop on High Rayleigh Number Convection

March 30 - April 1, 2000

B. Shraiman & R. Kerr

This informal gathering will review the current state of understanding of convective heat transport in turbulent regime(s) and reexamine various theories (of the scaling behavior of the heat flux) in the light of the new experiments.
Thursday, March 30
9:00-9:30 B. Shraiman Organizational get together
9:30-10:10 B. Castaing
(ENS, Lyon)
New results on the high Nusselt regime[Audio]
10:10-10:50 J. Niemela
(U. Oregon)
Cryogenic helium convection experiments at very high Rayleigh numbers[Audio]
10:50-11:30 V. Steinberg
Laser Doppler Velocimetry on critical density fluctuations in convective turbulence[Audio]
2:00-2:40 R. Kerr
Prandtl number dependence of Nusselt number[Audio]
2:40-3:20 G. Ahlers
Heat transport in turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection[Audio]
3:20-4:00 D. Lohse
(U. Twente)
Scaling in thermal convection: A unifying theory[Audio]
Friday, March 31
9:00-9:40 J. Glazier
(Notre Dame)
Turbulent convection in Hg[Audio]
9:40-10:20 R. Verzicco
Convective Turbulence of Gaseous He in closed domain: A look inside the cell[Audio]
10:20-11:00 P. Tong
(U. Oklahoma)
Large-scale velocity structures in turbulent thermal convection[Audio]
11:20-12:00 R. Ecke
Rayleigh-Benard convection: Prandtl number and rotation[Audio]
2:00-2:40 K-Q Xia
(CU Hong Kong)
Spatial correlation of temperature fluctuations in turbulent convection[Audio]
2:40-3:20 S. Ciliberto
(ENS, Lyon)
Convection with modified boundaries[Audio]
Saturday, April 1
9:00-9:40 E. Ching
(CU Hong Kong)
Intermittency of temperature field in turbulent convection[Audio]
9:40-10:20 P. Constantin
(U. Chicago)
Rotating Convection[Audio]
10:20-11:00 B. Shraiman
(Bell Labs-Lucent)
Conference Summary[Audio]