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Energy and Information Transport in Non-Equilibrium Quantum Systems
Non-Equilibrium Universality: From Classical to Quantum and Back

(Aug 16 -Oct 29, 2021)

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Time Speaker Title
8/16, 9:00am All Participants Welcome[Video][CC]
8/16, 9:15am David Weiss
Penn State
Experimental tests of generalized hydrodynamics[Video][CC]
8/18, 9:00am Aditi Mitra
Strong modes and Almost strong modes of Floquet spin chains[Slides][Video]
8/20, 9:00am Assa Auerbach
Tutorial on Kubo formulas[Video]
8/23, 9:00am Ramin Golestanian
Non-equilibrium field theories with long-range interactions[Video]
8/25, 9:00am Mehran Kardar
Non-equilibrium Casimir force and heat engines[Slides][Video]
8/27, 9:00am Sebastian Diehl
Univ. of Cologne
Overview: criticality and universality in driven open quantum systems[Video]
8/30-9/02 Conference: Transport and Efficient Energy Conversion in Quantum Systems
9/03, 9:00am Jim Freericks
New approaches calculating the properties of non-equilibrium electronic and electron-phonon systems[Video]
9/06, 9:00am Chris Baldwin
University of Maryland
Singularities in nearly-uniform 1D condensates due to quantum diffusion[Video]
9/08, 9:00am Natalia Ares
Measuring thermodynamic quantities in nanoscale devices[Video]
9/10, 9:00am Denis Bernard
Ecole Normale Superieure & CNRS
Quantum exclusion processes (with application to a possible Quantum Mesoscopic Fluctuation Theory)[Video]
9/13, 9:00am Lea Ferreira dos Santos
Yeshiva University
Nonequilibrium many-body quantum dynamics[Video]
9/15, 9:00am Kushal Seetharam
Dynamical quantum Cherenkov transition of fast impurities in quantum liquids[Slides][Vid][Video]
9/17, 9:00am Andrew N. Jordan
Chapman Univ.
Survey of nanoscale quantum engines: thermal control, stochastic cycles, and measurement[Slides][Video]
9/20, 9:00am Matteo Ippoliti
Out-of-equilibrium phases of monitored circuits, from measurement-only to measurement-free[Slides][Video]
9/21, 9:00am Jurgen Berges
(Univ. Heidelberg)
Thomas Gasenzer
(Univ. Heidelberg)
Markus Oberthaler
(Univ. Heidelberg) Jorg Schmiedmayer
Moderator: Jamir Marino
(Uni. Mainz)
Informal discussion on non-thermal fixed points, universality and dynamical scaling - from theory to experiments[Video]
9/22, 9:00am Chaitanya Murthy
ETH, entanglement, and OTOC[Video]
9/24, 9:00am Joaquin Rodriguez Nieva
Tutorial: Non-thermal fixed points and scaling beyond bosonic theories: universal pre-thermal dynamics in the XXZ model[Video]
9/27-30 Conference: Non-Equilibrium Universality in Many-Body Physics
10/01, 9:00am Michael Kolodrubetz
UT Dallas
Long-lived topology and edge states in open quantum systems[Slides][Video]
10/04, 9:00am Sarang Gopalakrishnan
Penn State
Measurement-induced critical points with symmetries[Slides][Video]
10/06, 9:00am Simon Lieu
University of Maryland
Dissipative phase transitions and quantum error correction[Video]
10/08, 9:00am Marti Perarnau Llobet
Geometric optimization of thermodynamic processes[Video][CC]
10/12, 9:00am Eugene Demler
ETH Zurich
Quantum simulations: from the Fermi Hubbard model to quantum assisted NMR inference[Video][CC]
10/13, 9:00am Shane Kelly
Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat
Dynamical phases in cavity QED beyond adiabatic elimination[Video][CC]
10/15, 9:00am P. Jurcevic
(IBM Research Center,Yorktown Heights)
Ana Rey
(CU Boulder)
Martin Eckstein
(Univ. Hamburg)
Matthew Foster
Markus Heyl
James Thompson
Online informal discussion: Dynamical phase transitions: what's quantum about them?[Video]
10/18, 9:00am Yaroslav Tserkovnyak
Dynamic spin condensation and superfluidity in insulators[Video][CC]
10/20, 9:00am Wen Wei Ho
Exact emergent quantum state designs from quantum chaotic dynamics[Video][CC]
10/22, 9:00am Alireza Seif
University of Chicago
Distinguishing between quantum and classical Markovian dephasing dissipation[Video][CC]
10/25, 9:00am Nicolo Defenu
ETH Zurich
Metastability and discrete spectrum of long-range systems[Video][CC]
10/27, 9:00am Gregory Bentsen
(Brandeis Univ.)
Andy Lucas
(CU Boulder)
Brian Swingle
(Brandeis Univ.)
Universality in transport and scrambling: from condensed matter to high energy physics[Video][CC]
10/29, 9:00am Nigel Goldenfeld
(Univ. of Illinois)
Itamar Procaccia
(Weizmann Inst.)
Gilles Tarjus
Uwe Tauber
(Virginia Tech)
Juan Garrahan
(Nottingham Univ.)
Open problems in classical non-equilibrium criticality and scaling[Slides][Video][CC]
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