KITP Program: Integrability in String, Field, and Condensed Matter Theory
(Aug 22 - Oct 14, 2022)
Coordinators: Giuseppe Mussardo, Didina Serban, Alessandro Sfondrini, Matthias Staudacher, and Masahito Yamazaki
Scientific Advisors: Mina Aganagic, David Berenstein, Robert de Mello-Koch, and Vladimir Kazakov

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Time Speaker Title
8/22, 11:00am Fiona Seibold
Imperial College London
Yang-Baxter deformations of AdS superstrings[Video]
8/23, 11:00am Wei Li
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Quiver Yangians and BPS Crystals, BPS Algebra, Crystal Chains[Video]
8/24, 11:00am Jesper Jacobsen
ENS Paris
Geometrical web models[Video][CC]
8/25, 2:00pm TBD Discussion (not streamed/recorded)
8/29-9/01 Conference: Talking Integrability: Spins, Fields, and Strings
9/02, 2:00pm Masahito Yamazaki
IPMU Tokyo
Discussion (not streamed/recorded)
9/06, 11:00am Mate Lencses
Budapest University of Technology
Hamiltonian Truncation: Integrability and its breaking[Video]
9/07, 11:00am Simon Ekhammar
Uppsala University
Bootstrapping the Quantum Spectral Curve[Video][CC]
9/08, 2:00pm All Participants Discussion (not streamed/recorded)
9/09, 2:00pm Giuseppe Mussardo
2D Ising Model and its tricritical version, when quantum integrable theories meet experiments[Video]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
9/12, 11:00am Ben Hoare
Durham University
Integrable deformations and quantum corrections[Video]
9/13, 11:00am Davide Polvara
Durham University & Padova University
Perturbative integrability and its underlying geometric structures[Video]
9/14, 11:00am Thiago Fleury
IIP Natal
Higher-point Functions in N=4 SYM and Integrands[Video]
9/16, 2:00pm All Participants Discussion (not streamed/recorded)
9/19, 10:30am Vladimir Kazakov
ENS Paris
The net of fishnet CFTs[Video][CC]
9/20, 11:00am Tomaz Prosen
University of Ljubljana
Exact full counting statistics in interacting reversible cellular automaton: universal anomalous fluctuations[Video][CC]
9/21, 11:00am Romuald Janik
Jagiellonian University
Integrable description of 2D CFT's and (some) OPE coefficients[Video]
9/22, 2:00pm All Participants Discussion (not streamed/recorded)
9/23, 2:00pm All Participants Discussion (not streamed/recorded)
9/26, 11:00am Dennis le Plat
Humboldt University Berlin
AdS/CFT Correlation Functions from Integrability[Video]
9/27, 11:00am Enrico Olivucci
Perimeter Institute
Spin chain integrability for higher-point Fishnet integrals[Video]
9/28, 11:00am All Participants Discussion: AdS/CFT Correlation Functions from Integrability (not streamed/recorded)
9/29, 2:00pm All Participants Discussion (not streamed/recorded)
9/30, 2:00pm All Participants Discussion (not streamed/recorded)
10/03, 11:00am Raphael Nepomechie
University of Miami
Bethe ansatz and quantum computing[Slides][Video][CC]
10/04, 11:00am Benjamin Basso
ENS Paris
Structure constants of short operators in planar N=4 SYM[Video][CC]
10/05, 9:30am Joseph A. Minahan
Uppsala University & MIT
20 Years of Surfing Spin-Waves in AdS/CFT[Video][CC]
10/05, 11:00am David Berenstein
UC Santa Barbara
20 Years of Surfing Spin-Waves in AdS/CFT[Video][CC]
10/06, 9:30am Juan Maldacena
IAS Princeton
20 Years of Surfing Spin-Waves in AdS/CFT[Video][CC]
10/06, 11:00am Horatiu Nastase
IFT Sao Paulo
20 Years of Surfing Spin-Waves in AdS/CFT[Video][CC]
10/07, 2:00pm Matthias Staudacher
Humboldt University Berlin
Discussion (not streamed/recorded)
10/10, 11:00am Ana Retore
Durham University
Flag integrable models[Video][CC]
10/11, 11:00am Yutaka Matsuo
U. Tokyo
A brief survey of quantum toroidal algebra and the connection with the integrability[Video][CC]
10/12, 11:00am Nadav Drukker
King's College London
Global symmetry breaking and defect conformal manifolds[Slides][Video][CC]
10/12, 3:30pm Nikolay Gromov
King's College London
Discussion (not streamed/recorded)
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