Schedule Sep 30, 2014
Normal state behavior of bulk crystals of FeSe emerging from drastic electronic changes induced by orbitals and correlations
Amalia Coldea, Univ. of Oxford & KITP

FeSe is one of the simplest iron-based superconductors which suffers a structural transition not accompanied by a long-range magnetic order. I will present angle-resolved photo-emission spectroscopy studies on bulk single crystals FeSe which give access to the band and orbital dependent effects that occur through the structural transition. I will complement these studies with angle dependent quantum oscillations measurements in the normal state at very low temperatures. These combined studies reveal a normal two-fold symmetric electronic state comprising of at least one small hole and electron-like Fermi surface pockets, with significant orbital-dependent electronic correlations.

Part of this talk has been omitted to respect unpublished data.

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