Schedule Sep 18, 2014
New paths to time-reversal symmetry breaking superconductors
Ronny Thomale, Univ. Würzburg & KITP

Since anyon superconductivity, unconventional superconducting states of matter that exhibit time reversal symmetry breaking constitute an aspired quantum state of matter which, however, has not been uniquely identified so far. I report on recent theoretical proposals and experimental findings that might allow to open new directions regarding such states, focussing on the singlet sector and not the triplet sector of superconductivity (as it has been predominantly done for Sr2RuO4 in the past years). This will involve possible non-chiral s+id pairing in the pnictides, as well as possible chiral d-wave pairing in hexagonal systems such as doped graphene, sodium doped cobaltates, and SrPtAs. I will also comment specifically on how a detailed knowledge of the SC form factor will be mandatory to relate to STM signals that might help to identify such states.

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