Schedule May 24, 1999
Search for a Realistic M-theory Cosmology
Dr. Andrew Chamblin, Cambridge Univ
Motivated by the ``universe as a brane'' idea, we investigate the motion of a $(D-2)$-brane (or domain wall) that couples to bulk matter. Usually one would expect the spacetime outside such a wall to be time dependent however we show that in certain cases it can be static, with consistency of the Israel equations yielding relationships between the bulk metric and matter that can be used as ans\"atze to solve the Einstein equations. As a concrete model we study a domain wall coupled to a bulk dilaton with Liouville potentials for the dilaton both in the bulk and on the wall. The bulk solutions we find are all singular but some have black hole or cosmological horizons, beyond which our solutions describe domain walls moving in time dependent bulks. A significant period of world volume inflation occurs if the potential on the wall is not too steep; in some cases the bulk also inflates (with the wall comoving) while in others the wall moves relative to a non-inflating bulk. We apply our method to obtain new cosmological solutions of Horava-Witten theory compactified on a Calabi-Yau space.

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