Schedule Dec 10, 2010
Observable Dark AntiMatter: QCD Nuggets
Michael Forbes, UW

In this informal talk, I shall discuss a proposal that "Dark" Matter consists of antimatter (strange) quark nuggets, naturally explaining both baryogenesis and the similar amounts of visible and dark matter. But how can antimatter be "dark"? Don't observations rule out this proposal? On the contrary, not only is our proposal consistent with all known constraints, but it provides a common resolution for three sets of puzzling diffuse emissions from the core of our galaxy: the 511 keV emission observed by INTEGRAL, a diffuse x-ray emission observed by Chandra, the microwave WMAP-haze, and an excess emission below 30 MeV. I will explain the basic ideas behind this proposal and hope to stimulate a discussion leading to further ways of testing or ruling out this theory.

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