Schedule Nov 17, 1998
Warning: a (2,2)-Supersymmetric Epidemic!
Dr. Tristan Hubsch, ITP & Howard U
Superfields in 2-dimensional (2,2)-superspacetime which are independent of (some) half of the fermionic coordinates are discussed in a hopefully both comprehensive and comprehensible manner. An embarrasing abundance of these simplest `building blocks' makes it utterly impossible to write down the `most general Lagrangian'. With some ad hoc but perhaps plausible restrictions, a rather general Lagrangian is found, which exhibits many of the phenomena that have been studied recently, and harbors many more. In particular, it becomes patently obvious that the (2,2)- supersymmetric 2-dimensional field theory target space geometries (many of which are suitable for (super)string propagation) are far more general than Kaehler manifolds with holomorphic bundles.

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