Schedule Nov 05, 2020
Compactifications of 6D N=(1,0) SCFTs on T^2 and Class S
Craig Lawrie, UPenn
Cite as: doi:10.26081/K6H041

I will review the classification of 6D superconformal field theories from string theory and Calabi--Yau geometry, and highlight how this can reveal a wealth of information about lower dimensional superconformal field theories via compactification. I will show that each 4D N=2 Class S theory, consisting of the 6D N=(2,0) theory compactificed on a three-punctured sphere, where one of the punctures is a simple puncture, has a realisation as a compactification on a torus of a 6D N=(1,0) SCFT. Further, the Higgs branch RG flows/complex structure deformations on the N=(1,0) side are related to the Coulomb branch deformations between the Class S theories.

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