Schedule Nov 23, 2021
Replica Wormholes and Holographic Entanglement Negativity
Sean McBride, KITP
Cite as: doi:10.26081/K68P88

Recent work has shown how to understand the Page curve of an evaporating black hole from replica wormholes. However, more detailed information about the structure of its quantum state is needed to fully understand the dynamics of black hole evaporation. Here we study entanglement negativity, an important measure of quantum entanglement in mixed states, in a couple of toy models of evaporating black holes. We find four phases dominated by different types of geometries: the disconnected, cyclically connected, anti-cyclically connected, and pairwise connected geometries. The last of these geometries are new replica wormholes that break the replica symmetry spontaneously. We also analyzed the transitions between these four phases by summing more generic replica geometries using a Schwinger-Dyson equation. In particular, we find enhanced corrections to various negativity measures near the transition between the cyclic and pairwise phase.

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