Schedule Oct 27, 2020
The Page curve for Reflected Entropy
Pratik Rath, UCSB
Cite as: doi:10.26081/K6ZG71

Reflected Entropy is a bipartite correlation measure with a simple geometric holographic dual, the minimal entanglement wedge cross section. This duality further motivates the idea that spacetime emerges from entanglement. Further, it illustrates the richness of the multipartite entanglement structure of holographic systems. A particularly interesting feature that we focus on in this talk is the phase transition between a connected and disconnected entanglement wedge where the reflected entropy jumps discontinuously. We explain how this phase transition is resolved in random tensor networks which serve as toy models for holography. This argument based on the replica trick motivates a general ansatz for the mechanism of the phase transition in AdS/CFT.

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