Schedule Sep 28, 2021
Six-point functions and collisions in the black hole interior
Ying Zhao, KITP
Cite as: doi:10.26081/K6C34T

Two distant black holes can be connected in the interior through a wormhole. Such a wormhole has been interpreted as an entangled state shared between two exterior regions. If Alice and Bob send signals into each of the black holes, they can meet in the interior. In this talk, we interpret this meeting in terms of the quantum circuit that prepares the entangled state: Alice and Bob sending signals creates growing perturbations in the circuit, whose overlap represents their meeting inside the wormhole. We argue that such overlap in the circuit is quantified by a particular six-point correlation function. By looking at different versions of the six-point functions, we quantify two-sided operator growth, which provides a dual description of the signals meeting in the black hole interior, in terms of the quantum butterfly effect and quantum circuits. We also consider an explicit coupling between the left and right CFTs to make the wormhole traversable and extract information about the collision product from behind the horizon.

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