KITP Program: Out-of-equilibrium Dynamics and Quantum Information of Many-body Systems with Long-range Interactions
(Oct 16 - Dec 22, 2023)
Coordinators: Nicolò Defenu, Alexey Gorshkov, Giovanna Morigi and Lea F. Santos
Scientific Advisors: Paola Cappellaro, Eugene Demler, David Mukamel, Manfred Salmhofer and Monika Schleier-Smith

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Speakers: Please contact us about file upload for your slides.

Time Speaker Title
12/20, 3:30pm Luca Celardo (UniFI)
Marilu Chiofalo (University of Pisa)
Quantum effects in biological systems
12/19, 12:00pm Marilu Chiofalo
University of Pisa
A quantum-like paradigm approach for numerosity perception[Video][CC]
12/18, 3:30pm Mrinal Sarkar
Heidelberg University
Emergent phenomena in dynamics on graphs: From transport to synchronization[Video][CC]
12/18, 12:00pm All Participants
Last week welcome
12/14, 3:30pm Fausto Borgonovi
INFN, Milano & Catholic Univ., Brescia
Disorder-Enhanced and Disorder-Independent Transport with Long-Range Hopping[Video][CC]
12/14, 12:00pm Zlatko Papic
University of Leeds
Disorder-tunable entanglement at infinite temperature[Video][CC]
12/13, 3:30pm Giuseppe Luca Celardo
Interplay of cooperativity and disorder in long range interacting systems.
12/13, 12:00pm Doerte Blume
The University of Oklahoma
Temperature-dependent contact of weakly interacting single-component Fermi gases and loss rate of degenerate polar molecules
12/12, 3:00pm Shamik Gupta
Quantum unitary evolution interspersed with repeated non-unitary interactions at random times[Slides][Video][CC]
12/12, 12:00pm W. Vincent Liu
University of Pittsburgh
Imaginary time crystal order by long-range temporal interactions[Video][CC]
12/11, 3:30pm Kay Wiese
The two upper critical dimensions of the Ising and Potts models[Slides][Video][CC]
12/11, 12:00pm All Participants
9th Week Welcome
12/07, 3:30pm Sona Najafi
Exploring the fabric of universe in IBM quantum processors[Video][CC]
12/07, 12:00pm Ceren Dag
ITAMP & Harvard
Cavity induced topology in graphene.[Video][CC]
12/06, 3:30pm Michael Kastner & Stefano Ruffo
Stellenbosch University / SISSA
Discussion: Quasistationary state in long-range interacting systems
12/06, 12:00pm Felix Izrailev
Chaos and relaxation in 1D spin models: From quantum to classical and back[Slides][Video][CC]
12/05, 12:00pm Ramasubramanian Chitra
ETH Zurich
Dissipative transitions in light matter systems[Video][CC]
12/04, 3:30pm Fabio Franchini
Rudjer Boskovic Institute
The Frustration of Being Odd[Slides][Video][CC]
12/04, 12:00pm All Participants
8th Week Welcome
12/01, 3:30pm All Participants Collective Leisure Activity
11/29, 3:30pm Moderator: TBA
Discussion Session
11/29, 12:00pm Takashi Mori
RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science
Connection between decoherence of an open system and thermalization of an isolated system[Video][CC]
11/28, 12:00pm Yidan Wang
Multi-photon scattering in dipolar atomic arrays[Video][CC]
11/27, 3:30pm Stefan Ostermann
Programmable Simulations of Molecules and Materials with Reconfigurable Quantum Processors[Slides][Video][CC]
11/27, 12:00pm All Participants
7th Week Welcome
11/22, 3:30pm Moderators: Angela Foerster & Ceren B. Dag
Discussion Session: Integrability and Ergodicity Breaking in long-range systems
11/22, 12:00pm Philip Kurian
Quantum Biology Laboratory (Howard Univ.)
Ultraviolet superradiance from quantum optical mega-networks in protein architectures
11/21, 12:00pm Maciej Koch Janusz
Haiqu Inc.
Compression theory driven construction of effective theories[Video][CC]
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