KITP Program: Quantitative Biology of Non-growing Microbes
(Oct 10-28, 2022)
Coordinators: Nathalie Balaban, Thomas Julou, and Roberto Kolter

Speakers: Please contact us about file upload for your slides.

Time Speaker Title
10/10, 3:00pm Nathalie Balaban
(Hebrew Univ.)
Roberto Kolter
Thomas Julou
(Univ. of Basel)
Intro session[Video][CC]
10/11, 9:00am All participants Intro round session
10/11, 10:30am Jonathan Dworkin
Analysis of quiescence in microbes[Video][CC]
10/11, 1:30pm Ulrich Gerland
Quantitative analysis of bacterial death[Video][CC]
10/12, 9:00am Dan Andersson
Uppsala Univ.
Unstable antibiotic resistance[Video][CC]
10/12, 10:30am Uwe Sauer
ETH Zurich
Metabolic Dynamics at the Transition Between Growth and Non-Growth[Slides][Video][CC]
10/13, 9:00am Minsu Kim
Gene expression (and drug-target interaction, maybe) in C- or N-starved cells.[Video][CC]
10/13, 10:30am Bruce Levin
Non-growing bacteria, some ecological, evolutionary and clinical musings[Video][CC]
10/13, 11:00am Fernando Baquero
Persistence and Permanence[Video][CC]
10/13, 1:30pm Terry Hwa
Effect of non-growing cells on ecological dynamics[Video][CC]
10/14, 9:00am Thomas Julou
Univ. of Basel
Single-cell analysis of bacterial gene expression during starvation[Embargoed]
10/14, 10:30am Einat Segev
Weizmann Inst.
Lag phase shortening in bacteria[Embargoed]
10/17, 9:00am Christine Jacobs Wagner
Nature vs. nurture and genetics vs. physics
10/17, 10:30am Carrie Harwood
University of Washington
A new model organism for bacterial longevity[Video]
10/17, 1:30pm Markus Basan
Density homeostasis in bacteria[Embargoed]
10/18, 9:00am Severin Schink
Quantitative insights into bacterial starvation survival[Video][CC]
10/18, 10:30am Martin Ackermann
ETH Zurich
Ecological and abiotic factors that cause nutrient limitation in bacteria and thereby change their susceptibility to antibiotics[Video][CC]
10/18, 1:30pm Teuta Pilizota
Univ. of Edinburgh
Changes in the maintenance energy of non-growing microbes and the consequences it has on cell survival[Slides][Video][CC]
10/19, 9:00am Oded Agam
Racah Inst.
The dynamics of living cells from the viewpoint of a statistical physicist[Video][CC]
10/19, 10:30am Sigal Ben-Yehuda
Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem
Dormant Bacterial Spores Encrypt a Long-lasting Transcriptional Program to be Executed during Revival[Video][CC]
10/19, 1:30pm Katya Krasnopeeva
IST Austria
Glass transition in E.coli cytoplasm[Video][CC]
10/19, 2:00pm Yusuke Himeoka
U. Tokyo
Disruption of metabolic homeostasis : Sensitivity due to the network structure[Video][CC]
10/20, 9:00am Hyun Youk
UMass Med
Slowest possible replicative life at frigid temperatures for yeast[Video][CC]
10/20, 10:30am Calin Guet
IST Austria
On the evolution of the elusive complex promoter[Embargoed]
10/20, 1:30pm Gilles Charvin
A trade-off between resistance and tolerance in the oxidative stress response[Video][CC]
10/21, 9:00am Anne Meyer
Dps condenses bacterial DNA into dynamic, condensed structures that are orthogonal to transcription[Video][CC]
10/21, 9:30am Elio Abbondanzieri
The many phases of the stationary phase nucleoid[Video][CC]
10/21, 10:30am Jay Lennon
Bacteria-phage coevolution with a seed bank[Video][CC]
10/21, 2:00pm Nathalie Balaban
Hebrew Univ.
A statistical physics approach to non-growing microbes[Video]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
10/24, 10:00am Erik Van Nimwegen
Univ. of Basel
How do single bacterial cells make decisions?[Video][CC]
10/24, 11:30am Namiko Mitarai
Univ. Copenhagen
Spontaneous persistence and lasting effect of short starvation pulse[Video][CC]
10/24, 2:00pm Matthias Heinemann
Univ. of Groningen
A "regulated state" that helps E. coli to survive in bad times[Video]
10/25, 10:00am Gurol Suel
How bacteria use electrochemical potential to solve complex problems[Video][CC]
10/25, 10:30am Ariel Amir
Using conditional independence tests to elucidate causal links in cell cycle regulation in Escherichia coli
10/26, 10:00am Johan Paulsson
Single cell approaches to cell growth[Embargoed]
10/26, 11:30am Megan Bergkessel
Univ. Dundee
Regulation of protein synthesis during bacterial growth arrest[Video][CC]
10/26, 2:00pm Thierry Mora
ENS Paris
Dynamics of single particles in repair foci in yeast[Video][CC]
10/27, 10:00am Babak Javid
Mycobacterial rifampicin tolerance: all roads lead to Rome?[Slides][Video][CC]
10/27, 11:30am Celeste Peterson
Suffolk Univ.
The Best Way Out Is Always Through; Signaling the Exit to Stationary Phase[Video][CC]
10/27, 2:15pm All Participants Discussion
10/28, 9:00am All Participants Conclusion session