KITP Program: Dynamics of Self-Organization in Animal and Plant Development
(Jul 24 - Aug 25, 2023)
Coordinators: James Briscoe, Francis Corson and Adrienne Roeder

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Speakers: Please contact us about file upload for your slides.

Time Speaker Title
8/25, 9:00am Elliot Meyerowitz
Development and morphogenesis in a single giant cell[Video][CC]
8/24, 11:00am All Students Presentations II[Video][CC]
8/24, 9:00am All Students Presentations I[Video][CC]
8/23, 11:00am David Strutt
Sheffield University
Self-assembly and self-organisation in planar polarity[Video][CC]
8/23, 9:00am Lance Davidson
University of Pittsburgh
Cells into tissues: the physical mechanics that shape the embryo[Video][CC]
8/22, 2:00pm All participants Discussion: What are the 5 core concepts from dynamical systems that developmental biologists need to understand?[Protected][Video][CC]
8/22, 11:00am Henrik Jonsson
Cambridge University
Morphological shifts relayed through a negative feedback regulation[Video][CC]
8/22, 9:00am David Sprinzak
Tel Aviv University
Mechanics of patterning and regeneration in the inner ear[Video][CC]
8/21, 11:00am Nick Monk
African Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Oscillatory dynamics in the Notch signalling pathway[Video][CC]
8/21, 9:00am Rashmi Priya
Crick Institute
Living origami: building a functional heart[Protected][Video][CC]
8/18, 11:00am Jochen Rink
Planarians - patterning and scaling at post-embryonic length scales[Video][CC]
8/18, 9:00am David Bruckner
IST Austria
Self-organized stochastic cell fate systems: an information theory perspective[Video][CC]
8/17, 11:00am Berta Verd
Oxford University
The evolution and evolvability of patterning[Video][CC]
8/17, 9:00am David Rand
Warwick University
Dynamical landscapes of cell fate decisions[Video][CC]
8/16, 11:00am Eric Siggia
Rockefeller University
Geometry and genetics[Video][CC]
8/16, 9:00am Annis Richardson
Edinburgh University
Finding the patterns that build a grass[Protected][Video][CC]
8/15, 11:00am Adam Martin
Tissue folding across length scales: the role for outside constraints[Video][CC]
8/15, 9:00am Aman Husbands
University of Pennsylvania
Dorsoventral patterning and transcriptional control mechanisms in plants[Video][CC]
8/14, 11:00am Cassandra Extavour
Harvard University
Incorporating evolutionary thinking into mechanisms of morphogenesis: examples and challenges[Video][CC]
8/14, 9:00am Siobhan Braybrook
Underlying expectations: morphogenesis in plants and macroalgae[Video][CC]
8/11, 11:30am Ken Irvine
Rutgers University
Biomechanical regulation of growth in Drosophila[Video][CC]
8/11, 10:00am Rich Carthew
Northwestern University
Emergence of a geometric pattern of cell fates from tissue-scale mechanics in the Drosophila eye[Video][CC]
8/11, 9:00am Dan Chitwood
Michigan State University
Images as shape: using Topological Data Analysis to extract information from data[Video][CC]
8/10, 11:00am Ani Kicheva
IST Austria
Growth and patterning of the developing spinal cord[Slides][Video][CC]
8/10, 9:00am Ina Sonnen
Hubrecht Institute
Signalling dynamics in the periodic segmentation of vertebrate embryos[Embargoed]
8/09, 10:30am Suhrid Ghosh
(Harvard University)
Chandra Kuyyamudi Ashwinikumar
(Harvard University)
Assembling the assembly line: ovariole number control in Drosophila[Video][CC]
8/09, 9:00am Pau Formosa-Jordan
Plant multicellular dynamics: from cellular patterning to developmental transitions[Embargoed]
8/08, 11:00am Aryeh Warmflash
Rice University
Understanding self-organized patterning in early mammalian development using stem cell systems[Video]
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