Seminar Titles

Speaker Title
Gert Aarts Anomalous fermion number:real time dynamiics on the lattice[Audio]
Jan Ambjorn Sphaleron-like transitions in classical Yang-Mills theory at finite temperature[Audio]
Paul Anderson Effects of free quantized fields in cosmological spacetimes: Solutions to the semiclassical backreaction equations[Audio]
Luis Bettencourt Quantum field theory beyond 1/N leading order[Audio]
Dietrich Bodeker An effective theory for hot non-Abelian dynamics[Audio]
Lowell S. Brown New use of dimensional continuation in a plasma[Audio]
Esteban Calzetta The freeze-out conjecture and cosmological phase transitions[Audio]
Daniel Cormier Interpretation of the real time analysis of early universe phase transitions[Audio]
Hector de Vega Out of equilibrium dynamics in scalar and gauge theories: From infrared divergences resummation in perturbation theory to Bose-Einstein condensation in the non-perturbative regime[Audio]
Juan Garcia-Bellido Fermion production and leptogenesis from preheating after inflation
Salman Habib Two mini-reviews: Classical long-time tails/Aspects of Quantum-Classical correspondence
Richard Holman Non-equilibrium issues in inflationary and post-inflationary cosmology[Audio]
Bei-Lok Hu NEq Q. Fields in the Early Universe & Black Holes[Audio]
Sangyong Jeon Hydrodynamic transport coefficients in relativistic field theories[Audio]
Sergei Khlebnikov Dynamics of nonequilibrium Bose gases
Yuval Kluger The quantum Vlasov equation[Audio]
Alex Krasnitz Sphaleron transitions with dynamical fermions[Audio]
Prem Kumar Anomalous mesonic processes out of equilibrium[Audio]
Ian Lawrie Perturbative nonequilibrium dynamics of phase transitions in an expanding universe[Audio]
Andrei Linde Preheating, reheating, and inflation[Audio]
Grant Lythe Real time dynamics of kinks[Audio]
Carmen Molina-Paris Energy-momentum of particles created in an expanding universe[Audio]
Guy Moore Sphaleron rate on the lattice with the auxiliary HTL field method:Part II[Audio]
Emil Mottola Nonequilibrium Quantum Fields: An Overview[Audio]
Berndt Mueller Open Problems in QCD Transport Theory[Audio]
Bert-Jan Nauta Real-time dimensional reduction for gauge theories[Audio]
Krishna Rajagopal The many phases of QCD[Audio]
Kari Rummukainen Sphaleron rate on the lattice with the auxiliary HTL field method[Audio]
Anupam Singh Inhomogeneous fields out of equilibrium[Audio]
Jan Smit Semiclassical fields on the lattice[Audio]
Dam Son Magnetohydrodynamics of the early universe and the evolution of primordial magnetic fields[Audio]
Chris van Weert Real-time dimensional reduction[Audio]
Christof Wetterich Time evolution of non-equilibrium effective action[Audio]
Larry Yaffe Non-equilibrium response in hot QFT: known, knowable & unknown[Audio]

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