KITP Online Conference:
Novel Experiments for Fundamental Physics

(May 3-5, 2021)
Coordinators: Doug Eardley, Ana Maria Rey, Josephine Suh
Scientific Advisors: Lance Dixon, Ted Jacobson

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Monday, May 03, 2021

8:00am Coordinators Welcome[Video][CC][Transcript]
8:05am Jake Taylor (JQI) Tabletop experiments for quantum gravity[Video][CC][Transcript]
8:50am Marianna Safronova (Delaware) Fundamental physics with atoms and molecules[Slides][Video][CC][Transcript]
9:35am All Participants General Discussion[Video][CC][Transcript]


10:00am Dave Hume (NIST Boulder) Quantum metrology and tests of fundamental physics with trapped ions[Slides][Video][CC][Transcript]
10:45am Jun Ye (JILA) Probing fundamental physics with atomic clocks[Video][CC][Transcript]
11:30am All Participants General Discussion[Video]

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

8:00am Jamie Boyd (CERN) Far detectors at the LHC (joint talk with Precision21)[Slides][Video][CC][Transcript]
8:45am Jason Hogan (Stanford) Atom interferometry, MAGIS, and MAGIS-100[Slides][Video][CC][Transcript]
9:30am All Participants General Discussion


10:00am Peter Graham (Stanford) Gravitational waves and new physics[Slides][Video][CC][Transcript]
10:45am Holger Müller (Berkeley) Atom interferometry in fundamental physics: Measurement of the fine structure constant / Cavity interferometry[Video][CC][Transcript]
11:30am All Participants General Discussion[Video][CC][Transcript]

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

8:00am Hartmut Grote (Cardiff) Quantum-enhanced interferometry for new physics[Slides][Video][CC][Transcript]
8:45am Igor Pikovski (Stockholm) Low-energy interface of quantum and gravity[Video][CC][Transcript]
9:30am All Participants General Discussion[Video][CC][Transcript]


10:00am Andy Geraci (Northwestern) Experimental tests of novel short range forces with AMO methods[Video][CC][Transcript]
10:45am Anupam Mazumdar (Groningen) Quantum gravity induced entanglement of masses[Video][CC][Transcript]
11:30am All Participants General Discussion[Video][CC][Transcript]