NSBP National Society of Black Physicists
NSBP Innovate Seminar Series

Date Time Speaker Title
7/21, 10:00am PDT Delilah Gates
(Harvard University Center for the Fundamental
Laws of Nature and the Black Hole Initiative)
Observable Blueshift from Circular Equatorial Orbiters around Kerr Black Holes[Video]
8/27, 2:30pm PDT Philip Phillips
(University of Illinois)
Beyond BCS Theory: Exact Model for Superconductivity and Mottness[Slides][Video]
9/29, 2:30pm PDT Charles Brown
Interacting Bosons in the Flat Band of an Optical Kagome Lattice[Slides][Video]
11/24, 2:30pm PDT Carol Y. Scarlett
(Florida A&M University)
Axionic Dark Matter - New Search Techniques[Video]
01/27, 2:30pm PDT Carl E. Fields
(Michigan State University)
Next-Generation Simulations of The Remarkable Deaths of Massive Stars[Slides][Video]
03/29, 2:30pm PDT Samantha O'Sullivan
(Harvard University)
Se diffusion into SrTiO3 substrate in monolayer FeSe/SrTiO3[Slides][Video]
04/29, 1:00pm PDT Morgane König
(UC Davis)
A theory of Hybrid monodromy inflation with two fields[Slides][Video][CC][Transcript]
6/30, 2:30pm PDT Nico Cooper
String Theory without Really Trying: Integrated Correlators in N=4 SO(2N) Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory[Slides][Video]
8/31, 2:30pm PDT James Gates
(Brown University)
Genomics, Networks, And Computational Concepts For Polytopic SUSY Representation Theory[Slides][Video][CC]
9/30, 2:30pm PDT Caprice Phillips
(The Ohio State University)
Detecting Biosignatures in the Atmospheres of Gas Dwarf Planets with the James Webb Space Telescope[Slides][Video][CC]

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