KITP Program: New Physics from Precision at High Energies
(Mar 8 - May 21, 2021)
Coordinators: Stefania Gori, Benjamin Nachman, Mihoko Nojiri, Joshua Ruderman, Gavin Salam, and Giulia Zanderighi
Scientific Advisors: Claudio Campagnari, Kyle Cranmer, Stefano Forte, Beate Heinemann, and Mika Vesterinen

Speakers: Please contact us about file upload for your slides.

Time Speaker Title
3/09, 8:00am Michelangelo Mangano
Precision and discoveries: a personal perspective[Slides][Video]
3/11, 8:00am Lian-Tao Wang
U. Chicago
New physics and precision: the roads ahead[Slides][Video]
3/16, 8:00am Marvin Schnubel
(Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)
Matthias Neubert
(Univ. of Mainz)
Adventures in the ALPs: Effective Lagrangians and Flavor Observables with Axions and Axion-Like Particles[Slides][Video]
3/18, 8:00am Anja Butter
(Universität Heidelberg)
Gregor Kasieczka
(Univ. Hamburg)
Unsupervised Learning for Fun and Precision[Slides][Video][CC]
3/23, 8:00am Veronica Sanz
(University of Sussex)
Anke Biekoetter
(IPPP Durham)
Sebastian Bruggisser
(Univ. Heidelberg)
SMEFT: The new Standard Model[Slides][Video][CC]
3/25, 8:00am Andrea Thamm
Uni. Melbourne
Flavor Probes of MeV-GeV ALPs[Slides][Video][CC]
3/29, 8:00am Wolfgang Altmannshofer
Patrick Owen
(University of Zurich)
New results on rare B decays and their implications[Slides][Video]
3/30, 8:00am Jesse Thaler
Frédéric Dreyer
(Univ. of Oxford)
QCD and Jets through the Lens of Machine Learning[Slides][Video]
4/01, 8:00am Kirill Melnikov
Arnd Behring
Mixed QCD-EW corrections to Z/W production and an impact of these effects on the W mass determination at the LHC[Slides][Video]
4/06, 8:00am Nathaniel Craig
Dave Sutherland
Which EFT for the LHC?[Slides][Video][CC]
4/08, 8:00am Ken Mimasu
(King's College London)
Eleni Vryonidou
Higher order effects in SMEFT for the LHC[Slides][Video]
4/09, 8:30am Aida El-Khadra
(Univ. of Illinois)
Martin Hoferichter
Dominik Stoeckinger
(TU Dresden)
Muon g-2 Debriefing[Slides][Video]
4/13, 8:00am Zoltan Ligeti
Clara Murgui
Flavors of future surprises?[Slides][Video]
4/15, 8:00am Andrew Larkoski
Ian Moult
Understanding QCD at the LHC[Slides][Video]
4/20, 8:00am Christophe Grojean
The BSM Orders of CPV[Slides][Video]
4/20, 8:30am Timothy Trott
Causality constraints for the Standard Model[Video]
4/22, 8:00am Yael Shadmi
Gauthier Durieux
On-shell SM EFTs[Slides][Video]
4/23, 8:00am Mandy Cooper Sarkar
Joey Huston
Maria Ubiali
Progress and Issues in precision PDF determination[Video]
4/27, 8:00am Viviana Cavaliere
Haider Abidi
(Univ. of Toronto)
From BSM Higgs searches to precision measurements[Slides][Video]
4/29, 8:00am Maurizio Pierini
Jennifer Ngadiuba
Exploiting anomaly detection for new physics identification at the LHC[Slides][Video]
4/30, 8:00am Adam Martin
(Notre Dame)
Francesco Riva
Michael Trott
(N. Bohr Institute)
EFT Discussions: Geometric stuff, Positivity stuff and maybe some other stuff...[Slides][Video]
5/04, 8:00am Jamie Boyd
Far detectors at the LHC [Video]
(joint event with "Novel Experiments for Fundamental Physics" Conference)
5/06, 8:00am Paolo Nason
Silvia Ferrario Ravasio
(Oxford University)
Linear Power Corrections in Collider Processes[Video]
5/10, 8:00am Marco Battaglia
Javier Duarte
High-pT Higgs and EFT[Video]
5/11, 8:00am Iain Stewart
Johannes Michel
Xiaojun Yao
(MIT, Cambridge, CTP)
Exploring Two Axes at Colliders: From Precision to Novel Observables[Slides][Video]
5/13, 8:00am Maxim Perelstein
Christina Gao
Monte Carlo Simulations with Neural Networks[Slides][Video]
5/14, 8:00am Spencer Chang
(Univ. of Oregon)
Brian Henning
(Univ. of Geneva)
Higgs Couplings and High Energy Amplitudes[Slides][Video]
5/17 12:15pm Carlos Wagner
University of Chicago
Precision Measurements in the High Luminosity LHC Er[Video]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
5/18, 8:00am Frank Petriello
Daniel Wiegand
(Northwestern U & Argonne lab)
Dimension-8 effects and flat directions in the SMEFT[Video]
5/20, 8:00am Tulika Bose
Simone Pagan Griso
(Berkeley Lab)
Existing Anomalies in the ATLAS and CMS Physics Program[Slides][Video]