3/18, 1:30pm All participants Meet and greet 3/19, 10:00am Donald Marolf
UCSB On wormholes and ensembles: Lessons from the gravitational path integral 3/20, 1:30pm Edward Mazenc
ETH Zurich Deriving Gauge/String Dualities: Strings from Feynman Diagrams & Open-Closed-Open Triality 3/21, 10:00am Sunny Itzhaki
Tel Aviv Univ. When Strings Surprise 3/21, 1:30pm Ashoke Sen
ICTS How to build and use a string field theory 3/22, 1:30pm Marcus Spradlin
Brown Some updates on the amplitudes program KITP Program: Particle Theory Initiative x STRINGS24
KITP Program: Particle Theory Initiative x STRINGS24
(September 2023 on)
Coordinators: Nathaniel Craig

Speakers: Please contact us about file upload for your slides.

Time Speaker Title
9/19, 1:30pm Masha Baryakhtar
Cosmic Signals of Ultralight Particles[Protected][Video][CC]
9/19, 2:00pm Tien-Tien Yu
BBN constraints of quadratically-coupled ultralight dark matter[Protected][Video][CC]
9/19, 2:30pm Junwu Huang
Perimeter Inst.
Vortices destroy dark photon dark matter[Protected][Video][CC]
9/21, 1:30pm Yoni Kahn
Axion wind detection with the homogeneous precession domain of superfluid helium-3: statistical and measurement considerations[Protected][Video][CC]
9/21, 2:00pm Yikun Wang
Atom interferometers as dark matter detectors: new prospects and astrophysical backgrounds[Protected][Video][CC]
9/21, 2:30pm Ken Van Tilburg
The Piezoaxionic and Ferroaxionic Effects[Protected][Video][CC]
12/11, 1:30pm All participants Meet and Greet[Video][CC]
12/11, 1:45pm Cengiz Pehlevan (Harvard)
Jim Halverson (Northeastern)
High Energy Physics ML[Video][CC]
12/11, 2:30pm Kevin Zhang
Tutorial on Feynman diagram methods for neural network correlators[Video]
12/12, 3:30pm Alex Maloney
McGill Univ.
A Solvable Model of Neural Scaling Laws[Video][CC]
12/12, 4:15pm Eva Silverstein
Learning algorithms from physics: Microcanonical HMC sampling and Energy Conserving Descent optimization [Video][CC]
12/13, 10:30am Zohar Ringel
Hebrew Univ.
Droplets of good representations: Grokking as a First Order Phase Transition. [Video][CC]
12/13, 11:15am Yoni Kahn
Orthogonal weights, feature learning, and exactly marginal effective theories [Video][CC]
3/11, 2:30pm Rashmish Mishra
Confinement, Holography, and the Early Universe[Video][CC]
3/12, 11:00am Rudin Petrossian-Byrne
Portraits of landscapes, from the IR[Video][CC]
3/14, 10:00am Grant Remmen
Multiparticle Factorization and String Amplitudes [Slides][Video][CC]
3/15, 1:30pm Isabel Garcia Garcia U Washington Discussion on Vacuum Decay